You Can Get Compensation for Medical Expenses That Are Covered by Your Insurance

September 30, 2016

As one of the premier personal injury law firms in California, at we get a lot of questions. One of the ones we hear a lot is from people who’ve sustained injuries in a car accident or other personal injury case and had huge medical bills, only to see their health insurance company pay the […]

Have You Been Injured in a Bike Accident? Keep the Details Off Social Media

September 29, 2016

These days, it’s common for people who’ve been through any type of unusual event to turn to their social media accounts and broadcast their experience. This can be helpful, but the bad news is that if you’ve just been involved in a bike crash, sharing your story could cost you in the long run. Before […]

Ask an Attorney: Is Video Evidence a Smart Idea After Being Involved in an Accident?

September 28, 2016

So you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you’re wondering how to document it. Is it a good idea to take video evidence? At we get this question a lot. Victims of accidents want proof of their claims but they also don’t want to create evidence that the defendant could use […]

Alarming Statistics on Nationwide Fatal Car Accidents

September 27, 2016

There’s no question that the number of people killed in car accidents every year is an alarming number. Recent data has compiled all the stats for the year 2015 and has shown that there are shockingly high number of deaths every year. But are these numbers on the rise or decline? has all the info […]

3 Things Not to Do After a Car Accident in California

September 26, 2016

Don’t speak to the insurance company If the other driver reports the car accident to their insurance company then it’s likely a representative from that insurance company is going to be contacting you – or maybe even the attorney of the other driver. Regardless of who calls, anyone on the other side of the crash […]

Why You Should Never Take an Insurance Company’s First Offer

September 25, 2016

If you’ve suffered an injury as the result of someone else’s negligence and an insurance company has offered you a settlement, there’s one thing you should know: Don’t take it. At least, not without talking to a California personal injury attorney. Remember what the insurance companies are in business to It may seem like a […]

If You’ve Been Bit by a Dog in California Then You May Have a Personal Injury Case

September 24, 2016

Have you been bitten by a dog in California? If so, the owner of the dog may owe you compensation. At , we’ve handled many dog bite claims and gotten settlements or awards for our clients. If you’re not sure if your case qualifies, the best way to find out is to call us at […]

How Much is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

September 23, 2016

Have you been injured in an accident? Was someone else at fault? If someone was negligent and their negligence led to your accident then you may be eligible for compensation. Many people wonder though: How much is my personal injury case worth in California? There are many factors that affect how much your case is […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cases Taken on a Contingency Basis

September 22, 2016

When a large company needs to bring a lawsuit, they have an entire team of lawyers who can work for them around the clock. But what about a person who’s living paycheck to paycheck? What if they’re injured and their injury renders them unable to work? People in this situation can hardly afford to pay […]

Do You Know What to Do if You’re Hit by an Uninsured Driver?

September 21, 2016

There are tens of thousands of car wrecks in the U.S. every year – and that’s all the proof we need that our traffic safety isn’t perfect. Ideally you’d never be involved in an auto accident, but realistically you will. You’d hope that if you were in an accident, there wouldn’t be any damage, no […]

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