Catastrophic Injuries

Have you suffered a catastrophic injury? Attorney Vargas will fight for you as your catastrophic injury attorney in Rancho Cucamonga.

A catastrophic injury will change your life forever. Not only is the initial trauma of this type of injury extremely painful; recovery is likely to be long and arduous, involving extensive medical treatment. In many cases, victims may be left with permanent pain and/or disabilities.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, you absolutely need an experienced personal injury attorney like Fernando D. Vargas on your side. After over 30 years of experience, Attorney Vargas understands the special nuances involved in these kinds of cases, and he knows how to fight effectively for you to receive maximum compensation for your injury, regardless of what type of accident you were involved in.

Consequences of a Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries, such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and severe internal injuries can cause a variety of symptoms, such as:

Physical impairment

  • Paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia/tetraplegia)
  • Amputation
  • Weakness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Problems with balance and/or coordination

Mental impairment

  • Difficulty thinking clearly
  • Difficulty remembering new information
  • Slowed thoughts
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty recognizing people
  • Loss of memory
  • Personality changes

Sensory impairment

  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of vision
  • Loss of sensation or numbness
  • Inability to speak or difficulty speaking
  • Physical pain

In addition, victims of catastrophic injuries almost always suffer emotionally from feeling trapped in a body that no longer works the way it used to and from being dependent on others to care for them. These emotional symptoms can include anger, rage, depression, irritability, frustration, extreme sadness, and withdrawal from others.

Don’t Underestimate Your Pain and Suffering

When it comes to securing compensation for a catastrophic injury, a lot of attention is paid to ensuring sufficient funds are provided to cover the victim’s medical expenses. However, the dollar amount on a medical bill does not represent the full impact of an injury on a victim’s life. You almost certainly deserve more compensation, especially in the case of a serious injury that may have caused significant pain and suffering.

As your catastrophic injury attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, Fernando D. Vargas will help you document your pain and suffering, which will enable you to seek appropriate compensation. Some of the types of evidence that may be used in this effort include:

  • Your medical records, showing the severity of your injury and your symptoms
  • Testimony from a medical expert regarding the likelihood your symptoms will persist in the future
  • Records from mental health professionals you may have visited for treatment
  • A personal injury diary describing the impact of your injuries and symptoms on your daily life
  • Testimony from friends and family regarding the change in your quality of life

Settlements & Jury Verdicts

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Attorney Vargas Is Ready to Fight for You

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, taking legal action may not be the first thing on your mind. However, you do need to take action in order to hold the party who caused the injury responsible for their actions and secure the compensation your family needs for the future.

Attorney Vargas is ready and willing to help with this effort. You can reach him any time, day or night, by calling 909-982-0707. The first step is a free case evaluation, where you can learn about your legal rights and options. If you decide to hire him as your catastrophic injury attorney, he will cover all the costs of preparing your case for negotiation or court, and you will only have to pay for his services after he wins your case.

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