So very happy to recommend Attorney Fernando Vargas. His record shows enough that he has plenty of experience and gets excellent feedback. He and his team are all extremely helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and professional.  One of the best benefits of selecting Attorney Fernando Vargas is that you work directly with him. Not once did I ever feel rushed or brushed aside by him. He genuinely cares and is very responsive.  He would let us know and keep me posted on our status. I now know without any doubt I wouldn't have been able to handle my situation on my own, and will always be grateful for Attorney Fernando Vargas and his team for their hard work.

- Rick Pasalo

We received an offer from the other party's insurance. Mr. Vargas and his staff quickly realized that it was inadequate for the injuries that I sustained.

After extensive medical testing, the other party's insurance increased their offer. Thank You.

- John Haffenden

This was not a victimless traffic accident and took a real toll on my life. The insurance company had a disinclination from their obligations. I was at risk and upset by this uncontrolled situation. Fernando Vargas listened to me, then advised me of my options. Unyielding in his negotiations engaging several times. Always keeping me informed. He acted as my advocate free from selfish motive or interest. I am proud of my lawyer and grateful for his expertise.

- Joyce Warhank

Mr. Vargas and staff are an excellent advocate for his clients.  Staff very professional.  Well-versed in law. Very honest, knowledgeable, responsive to clients.

- Mark Fry

Mr. Vargas is exceptional. He is thorough and he knows what he is doing with the line of expertise he has acquired through the years. He is very aggressive. He wants you to have the best experience. I would definitely seek his services anytime I am in need of him. He will not disappoint you. He is fair and straight to the point. Give him a try and see how remarkable he is!

- Maira Perez

I would highly recommend Fernando Vargas. I was in a car accident in 2018 and needed some therapy to get through. They covered the medical bills and were able to get me a settlement. Finally,  his staff was very friendly and responsive throughout the whole process.

- Chloe Diaz

I had a very professional experience with Mr. Vargas. He greatly helped me assess my case, was extremely fast to respond to my various inquiries in detail, and extraordinarily kind, helpful, and enthusiastic to be of assistance. I am very grateful for his service. Thank you very much!

- Alexandra Sunshine

I was involved in a pedestrian/auto incident, where I was struck by a vehicle walking out of a store. Me. Vargas and his team immediately met with me and began getting me the help I needed with dr visits and therapy. Just recently we were able to finally settle with the insurance company and close out my claim. Just want to thank him and his team for all their help!

- Jake Perez

The Law office of Mr. Vargas is an office I would recommend to others in need of his services. He provides high-quality care to his clients and handles each of his cases professionally and attentively. My family was involved in a car crash that resulted in needing medical attention for all of us and with his help, we received these services with no cost on our part. He won our case that resulted in a fair settlement and my family and I are extremely grateful to have him on our team. Thank you!

- Natalie M.

The Law office of Mr. Vargas was very professional they helped me and my family after our accident to fix my car without any cost to me and helped us get the medical attention we needed after the crash. He helped us win the case that resulted in a fair settlement for me and my family. Extremely fast to respond to my phone calls and guided me through the entire process. I will definitely recommend the office of Mr. Vargas to anyone because of how great his service was. The quality of his service is a 5-star rating. Thank you very much!

- Ofer Masachi

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