Learn How to Keep Your Child Safer on a New Hoverboard


Learn How to Keep Your Child Safer on a New Hoverboard

January 18, 2020

It was only a few years ago that the first newspaper report came out: Hoverboards were catching fire and malfunctioning to such a degree that fire marshals in various states were issuing warnings. According to one organization that has seized upward of 17,000 Hoverboards, 88% of them are at risk of catching fire, having the […]

Learn What to Expect After You Begin Working with a Personal Injury Attorney and How You Can Help Your Case Move Forward

January 17, 2020

Once you have talked to a personal injury attorney and they have taken your case, you may wonder: What is next? While all cases are unique, there are a few steps you can generally expect. There are also a few things you can likely do to keep the process moving. Read on to learn more […]

Rethinking Drunk Driving: Study Shows Any Amount of Alcohol Can Result in Poorer Driving Abilities

January 16, 2020

Many people assume that have a single beer or glass of wine will not increase their chances of being involved in a drunk driving accident, but the facts are quite different – that is according to a recent study. Keep reading to find out what it shows and how this could affect the safety of […]

5 Ways to Improve Safety Around California Road Construction Zones

January 15, 2020

In many cases, the only step that is taken to reduce traffic accidents and worker injury near road construction is to reduce the speed limit. The truth of the matter is that there are at least five ways that safety around these zones can be improved. Keep reading to learn what they are and then […]

Auto Drivers Are Responsible for Most Motorcycle Accidents but There Are Steps You Can Take to Stay Safer

January 14, 2020

As a motorcycle rider, you are likely already aware that most motorcycle accidents are the fault of auto drivers – not the fault of the motorcycle rider. However, this does not mean that you do not need to take steps to keep yourself safe. Keep reading to find out what steps you can take to […]

You Have Heard of Tort Law – But What is? Get the Answers You Need

January 13, 2020

Most people have heard of tort law when they hear politicians discussing tort reform. But what is tort law? And how does it affect your personal injury case? Keep reading to get answers to these and other questions. If you need further assistance, or would like to request a free case evaluation, contact at . […]

Is Your Office Making You Sick? 5 Ways Your Employer Could Be Hurting You without Knowing It

January 13, 2020

You do not want to go to work and come home less safe than before you went, yet this could be happening to you. Read on to learn about five ways your employer could be keeping you in an unsafe work environment, then contact at for a free legal consultation if you suspect your employer […]

Studies Show These Changes to California Traffic Control Could Actually Reduce Traffic Accidents

January 12, 2020

Most people would agree that with tens of thousands of serious car accidents every year, every possible step should be taken to reduce the number of accidents. While some people disagree about certain aspects of achieving this goal, there are some changes that studies have clearly shown could have a positive impact on the number […]

Tax Issues Involving Personal Injury Settlements Can Be Complex: Learn the Basics

January 11, 2020

Many personal injury cases take years to get settled or for a jury decision. When it finally happens and you have money in your hand, it can be easy to want to put on your blinders and simply move on with your life. Unfortunately, there are still a few issues to deal with – including […]

Can You Guess Which 5 American Highways Are the Deadliest?

January 10, 2020

There are three things that can be said of each of the five most dangerous American highways: They are the longest in the United States, they are the busiest, and, save for one, they all run at least partially through Florida. Does that mean that California is off the hook when it comes to deadly […]

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