More Football Players File Brain Injury Lawsuits

January 29, 2014

NFL and college football players seek compensation for traumatic brain injuries Tragic stories such as that of college football player Derek Sheely, who passed away after falling into a coma allegedly caused by a series of head-to-head collisions during four consecutive practice sessions, have brought the issue of head and brain injuries in college and […]

Top 4 Parties Responsible for Auto Accidents

January 22, 2014

You may be able to seek compensation from multiple parties after a car accident If you have been injured in a car accident that was not entirely your fault, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your injuries and suffering. With help from a skilled auto accident attorney, you can begin building your case […]

McDonald’s Coffee Mishap Leads to New Personal Injury Lawsuit

January 15, 2014

Media outcry serves as reminder not to let public opinion influence your decision to seek compensation Many people remember the huge media outcry that followed the famous 1994 lawsuit brought against McDonald’s by a woman who was injured by a cup of hot coffee. In that case, the woman spilled the coffee herself, but argued […]

New Traffic Law Attempts to Reduce Bicycle Accident Rates

January 9, 2014

Beginning in September 2014, motorists can be fined for endangering a cyclist while passing Among the many new transportation laws signed by Governor Jerry Brown and scheduled to take effect in 2014 is a measure intended to help protect bicyclists from traffic accidents. The law, known as AB 1371, specifies that motorists must allow at […]

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