Yes or No: Is it Worth Contacting an Attorney if You Are Injured on the Job?

Not every workplace injury justifies engaging legal counsel, but some do. In most circumstances, it is fairly easy for workers to navigate the workers’ compensation system. You can probably handle the matter on your own if you have a claim and your employer does not contest it. But there are specific circumstances in which it makes sense to see a personal injury lawyer.

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Situations where a lawyer is not necessary

You probably do not need to speak with an attorney if you sustain a relatively small workplace accident and it fully heals. You probably do not need a lawyer if the injury was obviously work-related, you did not require substantial medical attention, you were not out of work for months at a period, and there were no catastrophic or permanently disabling injuries.

Situations where a lawyer is necessary

You should have legal representation if there is a disagreement with the insurance provider. You might require the assistance of an attorney to help you acquire the necessary evidence if you do not already have it. Why? Because this may require you to take depositions, have an independent medical assessment, collaborate with expert witnesses, and take other actions that you are probably unfamiliar with.

For instance, you would probably call a lawyer if any of the following occurred after you were hurt at work:

  • Your claim for workers’ compensation is rejected by the insurance company.
  • You have a permanent disability, and that assessment is in question.
  • You already have a medical condition.
  • You are having trouble acquiring the necessary care due to your injury.
  • You cannot get a job again.
  • You are also getting other government aid, including SSDI.
  • You have a hearing for workers’ compensation.

These are just a few instances where it typically makes sense to speak with a personal injury lawyer who can support your claim.

Is hiring a lawyer worth the money?

Most of the time, when you engage a lawyer for a personal injury lawsuit, they will not bill you by the hour. We instead bill on a contingency basis. This implies that a portion of the compensation you receive goes to us. In the event that we lose your case, you will not be responsible for any upfront legal fees. In conclusion, it is probably worthwhile at least discussing with an attorney unless you are positive that you can win your case.