Waiting to Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Corona CA Could Hurt Your Case

If you’ve been involved in any type of accident in which you were injured, then it’s normal to be overwhelmed. It’s normal to think about getting medical help and healing before you start tackling the process of hiring a personal injury attorney in Corona CA. However, the reality is that contacting an attorney needs to be one of your first priorities. In fact, if you delay calling then you could be hurting your case. While it’s true that this process may seem complicated and intimidating, the truth is that it all starts by calling Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707.

Learn how a personal injury attorney in Corona CA can help you

If your injury occurred in a car accident, then it’s likely that a representative of the insurance company is going to call you as soon as they can after your accident. If the accident was the fault of someone else, then it’s likely their claims adjuster is going to offer you an amount and hope that you’ll accept it. Don’t accept it and don’t negotiate with them. Anything you say to them can and will be used against you in the event that you need to file a personal injury claim.

When you work with an experienced personal injury attorney, we can step in and take over. We’ll work directly with the insurance company, we’ll take their settlement offer, we’ll assess it and make a counter offer if needed, and we’ll file a lawsuit if it comes to that. Though it may seem that hiring an attorney is more complicated than simply accepting the settlement offer or negotiating it yourself, it’s actually more complicated to do it on your own.

Some cases have time limits

In the great state of California, you generally have two years from the date of an injury-causing accident to file a lawsuit. There are a few exceptions that make the statute of limitations only six months from the date the accident happened. This is yet another reason that it makes sense to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Work with an attorney so you can focus on your own recovery

When you hire a personal injury attorney in Corona CA, you won’t have to worry about handling aspects of your case, which gives you the time, energy, and mental space to totally focus on your recovery. The more diligent you are about following your doctor’s orders, the better your chances are for a fair settlement.

Are you ready to call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas for your free consultation? If not, consider this: We take cases on contingency. That means that you don’t pay us upfront and you don’t pay as you go. You only pay is when you receive a settlement or award for your injuries. In the event that you don’t receive a settlement or award, then you don’t pay us. As you can see, there is as much incentive for us to win as there is for you. Call today at 909-982-0707 to get started.