Vehicle Damage is Not Generally Included in a Personal Injury Case but It Plays an Important Part

The insurance company has already compensated for the damage to your vehicle in a normal car accident injury case. The question is how much, if any, they should be responsible for your medical costs, missed wages, and pain and suffering. Nonetheless, many personal injury lawyers will want to hear about the damage to your car.

What is the reason behind this?

When pursuing a car accident injury claim, every competent personal injury attorney will take into account the degree of your vehicle damage for two reasons.

Damage on a vehicle tells a story

The first reason to think about car damage is because it might assist tell the tale of what happened during the collision. This is especially relevant in instances when the sequence of events leading up to the accident—and hence culpability for the accident and the injuries that result—is in question.

Professional accident reconstructionists can use evidence discovered at the scene of an accident to illustrate what actually happened. Vehicle damage is crucial because it reveals collision angles and forces, which may be used to estimate the speeds and locations of the cars at the time of the accident. Accident reconstructionists may utilize this information to generate 3D models that depict precisely how the accident happened, making it much easier for the jury to figure out who was at fault.

The jury is influenced by vehicle damage

Another crucial reason to consider car damage when constructing a personal injury case is that people often equate more extensive damage with more significant injuries.

This is not always the case, though. It is conceivable to total your automobile and walk away unharmed, just as it is possible to suffer a devastating whiplash injury in a little fender-bender with minimal vehicle damage. This, however, goes against most people’s natural beliefs, including jurors’. Insurance adjusters are well aware of this, and they will frequently try to avoid paying large settlements on cases involving minor car damage.

Fortunately, an experienced automobile accident injury lawyer will identify this bias and work hard to overcome it by presenting enough evidence of your injuries. Medical documents and invoices, as well as a medical expert’s testimony and photos of your injuries as they recover, may be included.

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