A Preventable Tragedy Strikes the Alvarado Family in Montclair


A Preventable Tragedy Strikes the Alvarado Family in Montclair

It’s never easy to lose a loved one but when their death comes as a result of a drunk driver, it can be even more devastating. This is the unfortunate situation that one Montclair family is currently struggling to come to terms with.

A wrong-way crash takes the life of a mother of four

On the morning of Thursday, October 13th, Daisy Batres was on her way to work when a man who was driving the wrong way on the 10 freeway struck her vehicle. Batres, a wife and proud mother of four, was killed. The man who hit her is suspected of being under the influence when the accident occurred.

Daisy was 52 years old and worked as a custodian at Cal Poly Pomona for more than a decade. She grew up in El Salvador and came to the United Sates with her husband in search of the American dream. Less than a year ago, they were able to buy their first home together.

This is a loss that will be felt deeply by many

Yvette Alvarado, Daisy’s daughter, is understandably hurt and frustrated that the alleged wrong choices of one man have taken a life that was so important to many people. The victim’s husband of 30 years has described her as a woman with a sweet and selfless heart, and Alvarado says that her mother was known for putting everyone else first before herself.

Daisy’s son, William, is yet another person who will miss her. He was proud to be her son and describes her as a loving woman who would do anything for her family. The idea that she is no longer around to take care of her family is a reality that this family will likely need time to come to terms with.

No one should have to suffer this type of loss but there are things that can be done

There’s nothing that can be done to bring Daisy Batres back to life. However, Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas is honored to be working with the family as they look for answers and explore their options for a personal injury lawsuit. In situations like this, we will do everything possible and necessary to ensure that the family gets the compensation they’re deserved.

If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident then we welcome you to call us at 909-982-0707. Nothing can bring your loved one back but we will fight tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and that the at-fault parties are faced with the seriousness of their negligence.

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