What You Need to Know About Accident Reconstructionists


What You Need to Know About Accident Reconstructionists

Learn how an accident reconstructionist can help you win your personal injury case.

What You Need to Know About Accident ReconstructionistsA life-altering injury can happen in a flash when you are in an accident. Often, it is too difficult for witnesses to piece together the chain of events that led to the accident, and an expert witness’ help is needed to read and interpret the physical evidence. This is where the services of an accident reconstructionist become very important.

What Accident Reconstructionists Do

Accident reconstructionists use scientifically validated methods to establish how an accident occurred, based on the evidence left at the scene. They draw upon all kinds of forensic evidence such as impact angles, roadway surface friction, length of skid marks, etc. to create a narrative report and a 3D representation showing what went on.

Accident Reconstruction Is Not Just for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Though most accident reconstructions are done on traffic accidents involving cars, trucks, bikes, or pedestrians, some experts can also provide reconstruction services for premises accidents. For example, in a premises accident the accident reconstructionist may be called upon to show that a certain type of flooring becomes inordinately slippery when wet or that a certain wattage of lighting is inadequate to prevent trip and fall accidents.

Even If Liability Is Clear, Your Case Can Still Benefit

If you already have ample evidence outlining the chain of events that caused your accident, and liability seems quite clear, you may wonder why your attorney is suggesting hiring an accident reconstructionist.

Well, there is actually much more that an accident reconstructionist can do beside help prove liability. For example, sometimes people have trouble understanding how catastrophic injuries can result from seemingly minor accidents. An accident reconstructionist can provide a scientific explanation of the forces involved and show exactly how the injury came about during the accident. This can serve as an important reinforcement for your doctor’s testimony about your injuries.

The 3D graphics and animations that an accident reconstructionist can produce can be very helpful for gaining sympathy from the court and showing exactly how traumatic an accident was, perhaps helping you to get more compensation for pain and suffering. A dry description of an injury simply cannot compete with a visual representation of it.

Who Pays for Accident Reconstruction Services

Any good personal injury attorney, including Fernando D. Vargas, will cover all the upfront costs associated with preparing your case. This includes paying the accident reconstructionist. If and when your case is won, your attorney will bill you for the accident reconstructionist’s services.

How to Find an Accident Reconstructionist

Experienced attorneys like Fernando D. Vargas already have contacts with skilled accident reconstructionists that they know and trust. It is best to leave the choice of accident reconstructionist to your attorney, but you can certainly ask for information about their experience and credentials for your own peace of mind.

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