Do You Need an Accident Reconstruction Presentation to Win Your Case?


Do You Need an Accident Reconstruction Presentation to Win Your Case?

Graphic presentations are a vital tool for winning jury cases

Do You Need an Accident Reconstruction Presentation to Win Your Case?Accident reconstruction presentations provide an ideal way of integrating all the disparate pieces of evidence in a motor vehicle accident case into a clear and persuasive argument. However, preparing these presentations can be costly. This leads many accident victims to wonder if and when they should consider investing in such a presentation for their case.

Most motor vehicle accident injury claims are resolved out of court with no need to commission an accident reconstruction presentation. This is possible because the claims negotiations are being handled between professionals: your attorney and the insurance company representative. These professionals already have a detailed understanding of how to interpret evidence from various written or photographic sources. They do not need the extra help of a presentation.

But juries do need this help.

In fact, years of research has shown that lawyers risk losing the interest and attention of jurors when evidence is presented in a dry and boring format. But when jurors are presented with the proper graphics, animations, and other visual evidence, they are more receptive to the attorney’s message, they understand the message better, and they are less likely to question the credibility of the message.

Keys to Creating a Jury-Friendly Presentation

Ample evidence: Of course, accident reconstruction presentations must be based on evidence. This evidence may be drawn from multiple sources such as:

  • Photos or 3D scans of the scene of the accident
  • Expert measurements of skid marks, impact angles, and impact forces
  • Police accident reports
  • Data from the vehicles’ onboard GPS and other technology

Realism: With computer animation being so advanced these days, it is very important that the presentation not look cheesy. The figure model representing the victim should match their height and weight and the scene of the accident should be reproduced with a high degree of detail.

Clear goals: It is not enough to just hand all the evidence to the accident reconstructionist and expect them to plug it into the right software and create the perfect presentation. The presentation needs to be a collaboration that is guided by the attorney to ensure that the most important points of the argument are highlighted effectively.

POV: The point of view of the presentation can also make a difference in how it appeals to jurors. In some cases, it is very helpful to have the presentation include an animation showing what the victim experienced during the accident so that the jury can better understand their pain and suffering. In other cases, it may be best to present an aerial view so that jurors can better understand the positions of all the different vehicles involved in or present during the accident. The accident may need to be shown from multiple perspectives to best present all the evidence.

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