Getting a Second Opinion for Your California Personal Injury Case


Getting a Second Opinion for Your California Personal Injury Case

Just like with doctors, it can be a great idea to seek out another opinion about your case

Getting a Second Opinion for Your California Personal Injury Case

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, life may be incredibly difficult. You may be in constant pain, unable to work, and stressed about ever-increasing medical bills. Even if you’ve met with a lawyer, you may still feel like nothing is going your way. The insurance company may have offered you a settlement that won’t come close to covering your bills, and your attorney may have told you that you should accept it rather than file a lawsuit. Do you have options in this situation?

In short, yes. According to a Southern California personal injury lawyer, you have the right to change attorneys at any time. If you have lost confidence in your attorney, seeking a second opinion from another lawyer is a smart choice. It may give you a more complete understanding of your claim, and possibly lead to a higher settlement or verdict at trial. Best of all, getting a second opinion won’t cost a dime. Most personal injury law firms offer free initial consultations, so you can explain your situation and seek advice without going out of pocket.

There are many reasons why you may choose to seek a second opinion from a Southern California personal injury lawyer. For example, if your current attorney isn’t taking your injuries seriously and brushes off your concerns, a second opinion is a good idea. A different lawyer may be more empathetic to your experience — and have a different way to approach your claim so that you get a larger settlement or award at trial.

You may also be in a situation where your case is moving too slowly. Perhaps your attorney hasn’t updated you in months, and you don’t know the status of your case. While a personal injury case can take months or even years to resolve, your lawyer should be updating you regularly about your claim. If they fail to do so, it’s time to seek out a new Southern California personal injury lawyer for their opinion on your case.

In some cases, you may just not like your current attorney. They may have come highly recommended or have a track record of winning cases, but to you, they’re cold, arrogant, or just unfriendly. You may also feel like your lawyer is pushing you towards a settlement, but you don’t think that is the right choice. Having a lawyer that you can feel comfortable with is vital in a personal injury case. If you are uncomfortable in any way with your current attorney, seek out a second opinion from a Southern California personal injury lawyer.

Talking to a different attorney won’t cost you anything. The initial consultation is free, so you can learn more about your options without getting a bill. If you do decide to retain another lawyer, and your case is settled or goes to trial, the attorney’s fee will be the same. The law protects clients, and does not want them to feel obligated to stay with their lawyer if they are not happy. For this reason, it is easy to change lawyers — without paying two or more attorney’s fees. Instead, you will pay just one fee, even if you have had two or three lawyers representing you.

The process is relatively straightforward. When you decide to change lawyers, you will sign a new fee agreement with the new lawyer. You will have to pay the attorney’s fee according to the agreement that was signed with this new lawyer. These fees are then divided between the new and the former lawyer. The two lawyers will split the attorney’s fee between them based on the amount of work that each put into the case, with the attorney that performed the majority of the work on the case receiving the majority of the fees. The former lawyer has to wait until your case settles to get paid for the work that they performed. You won’t pay any extra — but you may end up getting a bigger settlement or verdict at trial with a Southern California personal injury lawyer who takes your concerns seriously and advocates aggressively for you.

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