Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Safety of School Buses

If you send your child off on a school bus, you want to know that they are safe – but are they? At Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas we have helped parents and victims of school bus accidents. We know that parents have many questions and today we are here to answer them. Remember that you can call us at 909-982-0707 if you require a free legal consultation.

How Safe Are School Buses?

Believe it or not, school buses are the safest vehicles on the road. This is due to several factors, including efforts of the school bus industry and government regulators to make them safer, innovation in the world of school busing, and the fact that school bus traffic laws are so often strictly enforced. School bus drivers are required to be highly trained as well, which helps improve safety.

Are School Buses Safer Today than in Year’s Past?

Yes. They are stronger, cleaner, and better maintained than the school bus you may have ridden when you were a kid. You can always ask your district to tour one of their buses so you can see for yourself just how far they’ve come.

What is Required of School Bus Drivers?

They must be specially trained in any manner of things to keep their students safe. For example, they are trained in safety procedures, they take part in both pre-employment and random testing for drug and alcohol use, and they must pass significant background checks.

Why Are School Buses Safer Than Driving a Child to School?

Put simply, school buses are designed differently compared to how passenger cars are designed. School buses have safety features that make them safer in both avoiding accidents and in reducing the injuries if accidents do occur. School buses are also safer for students after students leave the bus, due to stop arm laws protecting students from becoming the victim of pedestrian accidents after departing the bus.

What Safety Features Protect Children?

School buses have flashing red lights, stop-sign arms, cross-view mirrors, protective seating, high-crush standards, features to protect them from rolling over and protecting the occupants in the event of a rollover, and are designed in such a way that they are very visible to other vehicles on the road.

What Are My Options if My Child is Injured in a School Bus Accident?

The answer to that question depends on many factors: Who was at fault? What injuries did your child sustain? Was the bus company a government company or a privately owned company? Regardless of the situation, your first call should be to an experienced personal injury attorney. You can reach Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 for a free legal consultation.