DUI U-Haul Truck Accident Injures 8


DUI U-Haul Truck Accident Injures 8

U-Haul truck driver suspected of driving under the influence of drugs causes serious accident.

DUI U-Haul Truck Accident Injures 8On Sunday, November 1, a U-Haul truck caused a serious accident in downtown Los Angeles that resulted in injuries to ten individuals.

According to the LAPD, the U-Haul was going the wrong way down 7th Street when it hit a parked vehicle. The driver then lost control and hit a motorcyclist and a sedan at the intersection with Spring Street. After impact with the sedan, the U-Haul truck spun, jumped a curb, and struck several pedestrians. The force with which the pedestrians were struck must have been significant, considering that the U-Haul sheared a fire hydrant and a light pole after hitting them.

The accident resulted in injuries to ten adults, three of whom were described as “critically injured” and seven of whom had “lesser injuries” and were treated at the scene. The critically injured individuals included one motorcyclist and two pedestrians.

The U-Haul driver has been identified by the LAPD as Michael Maurice Wilson, age 40. According to authorities, Wilson admitted smoking marijuana before the accident. Cocaine was also found inside the vehicle but it is unknown at this time whether Wilson was under the influence of this drug as well.

Wilson has been arrested for cocaine possession and for DUI.

Compensation for Victims Seems Likely

Assuming that Wilson had legally rented the U-Haul truck, there should be insurance coverage available to cover the injuries suffered by the various victims of the accident.

It is worth pointing out here that the criminal charges against Wilson do have the potential to help the victims’ case. The police investigation into the circumstances of the alleged DUI will make it easier for the personal injury attorneys to show that Wilson was indeed under the influence and therefore was driving recklessly and negligently.

However, if by some chance the DUI charge is dropped or Wilson is found not guilty, this will not necessarily destroy the victims’ chances for compensation. In civil court, there is a lower burden of proof than in criminal court. So just because there may not be enough evidence to prove beyond a doubt that Wilson was intoxicated, there may still be sufficient evidence to satisfy the civil requirement for a “preponderance of evidence.”

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