Does Restricting Cell Phone Use While Driving Make for Safer Drivers?


Does Restricting Cell Phone Use While Driving Make for Safer Drivers?

February 19, 2020

There is a significant push throughout the country to decrease cellphone usage while driving. This makes sense on the surface – after all, distracted driving is blamed for the significant increase not just in car accidents but in fatal accidents. However, an interesting question has arisen that brings this seemingly obvious conclusion into question. The […]

E-Cigarette Personal Injury Cases Continue to Be Filed Throughout the Country – Including California

February 18, 2020

As scientists and medical professionals continue to learn more and more about the dangers of e-cigarette use, e-cigarette injury cases continue to be filed. This is true not just in California but throughout the country. You can learn more by continuing to read or you can contact at for a free legal consultation with a […]

What Happened When Michigan Partially Repealed Their Universal Motorcycle Helmet Law?

February 16, 2020

California is home to a universal motorcycle helmet law – as are several other states in the country. There has been much discussion about whether or not this law actually helps. One factor we can consider is the partial repeal of Michigan’s universal motorcycle helmet law. Did it reduce or increase the seriousness of motorcycle […]

Find the Answers You Need to the Questions You Have About Uber and Lyft

February 15, 2020

With so much information in the news about Lyft, Uber, and other rideshare companies, it can be hard to keep up. At we have represented the victims of car accidents involving rideshare cars. If you have questions about how these vehicles operate, and what happens if you are involved in an accident with one, keep […]

Get Answers to Your Questions About the Burden of Proof in California Personal Injury Cases

February 14, 2020

If you have had reason to file a personal injury case in the state of California, you likely have many questions. At we are standing by to answer them at . You can also keep reading to get answers to commonly asked questions about who has the burden of proof in these cases. What Does […]

Poor Road Conditions and Motorcycle Accidents: Who is Liable for Damages?

February 13, 2020

Let us imagine a scenario most motorcycle riders have experienced: You are riding down the road, enjoying the ride, when you hit poor road conditions. Through no fault of your own, you lose control and are injured in the motorcycle accident. You may have wondered: Who is liable in these cases? Read on to find […]

These Factors Can Turn a Minor Motorcycle Accident into a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

February 12, 2020

All motorcycle accidents have the potential to be life-threatening but there are several elements that can discrepancies increase the chances that a motorcycle accident is fatal. Continue reading to learn more about these elements and then contact at for a free legal consultation. Whether or Not a Helmet is Worn You may be hard-pressed to […]

Was Someone Else at Fault for Your Motorcycle Accident? Learn How You Can Prove It

February 11, 2020

Being the victim of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. It can lead to life-long consequences and mountains of medical bills. If you are in this potion, and you know that someone else was at fault for the accident, learn how you can prove it for a personal injury claim. Remember you can contact at […]

Are You Surprised by the Significant Increase in Youth Using Vaping Products?

February 10, 2020

There is now no reasonable excuse for ignorance about the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes. While when they first came out, there was misinformation that they were safer than cigarettes, the truth seems to be far from that. This makes it all the more devastating to learn just how many youths are starting to use […]

Do You Believe Any of These Myths About Uber, Lyft, and Other Rideshares?

February 9, 2020

At we work with many people involved in car accidents, including those involved in rideshare accidents while in Uber and Lyft vehicles. We find that people often believe inaccurate myths about these accidents. Keep reading to find out what they are and then contact at for a free legal consultation. Myth: Background Checks Are Not […]

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