You’ve Been Bitten by a Dog: Do You Need to Call an Attorney?

July 30, 2018

If you surveyed every American you would find that most of them love dogs. They find them to be funny, sweet, and comforting. Unfortunately, not every dog fits into these categories. For any number of reasons, a dog can bite, whether it is because they are aggressive, scared, or have a health issue. No matter […]

Yes, You Can Get a Traumatic Brain Injury from a Bike Accident

July 29, 2018

There are so many reasons that it is a great idea to get on a bike. Whether you want to get your heart pumping, you want to reduce your carbon footprint, or you want an affordable way to get around, riding a bike is a great option. However, there are some potentially serious consequences – […]

Preventing the Most Common Teen Driver Mistakes Can Save Lives

July 28, 2018

It is not rude that say that teen drivers are more likely to get into a car accident – it is a fact. The reality is that much of it is not their fault. They are more impulsive, they do not have the experience they need, and they often do not realize how serious consequences […]

Have You Been Asked to Sign a Medical Records Release? Talk to an Attorney First

July 27, 2018

If you have been in any type of accident and an insurance company asks you to sign a document that gives them access to your medical records, you may be tempted to simply go along with it. After all, it may seem like a reasonable request when the insurance company is looking at your medical […]

Can You Sue the City if You Are in a Pedestrian Accident?

July 26, 2018

Imagine this scenario: You are out taking a walk around your neighborhood, school, or office. You have an expectation that if you follow the rules and use common sense, you will be safe. Unless you find yourself tripping and falling, walking is generally fairly safe. However, it is possible to be hit by a car, […]

What Are the Best Ways to Reduce Motorcycle Accidents?

July 25, 2018

When you consider that 15% of all fatal traffic accidents involve a motorcycle then you can easily see how serious this issue is. Especially when you take into consideration that motorcycles are not 15% of the vehicles on the road. At we think one death on the road is too many and we are here […]

How to Prepare to Take the Witness Stand in Your Personal Injury Trial

July 24, 2018

It is common for a personal injury case to be settled before it ever gets to trail. In many cases, it makes more sense for all parties – including the insurance company and the injured party – to negotiate the deal without the risk of trial. That said, if necessary you can count on at […]

Common Personal Injury Questions: How Much is My Case Worth?

July 23, 2018

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in an accident then you are likely wondering how much your personal injury case may be worth. The simple answer is that if you want a good estimate you should contact at to get a free legal consultation based on your specific case. However, […]

Bike Accidents Can Be Complicated: How to Determine Fault

July 22, 2018

Today there are more Californians biking than ever before. Some bike to work, others bike to school, and some bike for fun. Whether doing so out of necessity or four exercise there are many advantages to this increase in bike riding but there are some downsides too. For example: Bike accidents. Read on to find […]

A Nightmare Scenario: What to Do if Your Child is Injured on a Field Trip

July 21, 2018

Most adults have fond memories of taking field trips when they were a kid. As a parent, your experience could be quite different. While field trips can help give your child a unique perspective on things they are learning about in school, they are also being put in danger in a number of ways. If […]

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