California Leads the Nation in Dog Bite Injury Claims

May 30, 2016

California insurance companies spent $62.8 million on dog bite injuries in 2014 According to a recent report from the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm Insurance, fewer individuals are filing claims for dog bite injuries, but the cost of these claims is up. Specifically, the Insurance Information Institute’s recent analysis of homeowners insurance data from […]

The Three Types of Dog Bite Liability Law

May 29, 2016

Learn what laws govern liability for dog bite injuries in California In honor of National Dog Bite Prevention Week earlier this month, many organizations put out lists of tips aimed at helping dog owners and the general public avoid or prevent dog bites. While preventing dog bites and attacks is of course a valuable effort, […]

Types of Damages Available in a Personal Injury Case

May 28, 2016

Learn about the types of compensation you may be eligible to receive in a personal injury case If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, you may already know that you can seek compensation with the help of a personal injury attorney. But what kinds of damages are included in […]

What Senior Citizens Need to Know about Slip and Fall Accidents

May 27, 2016

Nursing homes have a special duty of care to prevent slip and fall accidents Slip and fall accidents have the potential to be very serious for older people. In fact, one of out of five senior citizens that has had a fall will suffer broken bones or a head injury, and 2.5 million older people […]

Bus Accident Injures 20 in San Bernardino Mountains

May 26, 2016

Bus accident injury victims may have multiple avenues for seeking compensation A women’s retreat planned by a church in Downey CA suffered an unexpected hiccup this past Sunday afternoon, when one of a series of shuttle busses transporting women back from a mountain retreat overturned on State Route 330, about 60 miles east of Los […]

Top 10 States with Increasing Auto Accident Costs

May 25, 2016

Rising insurance claim costs make it more important than ever to have an automobile accident injury attorney on your side According to the National Safety Council, automobile accident deaths increased by 8 percent in 2015. This represents the biggest increase in 50 years. Other industry experts, such as the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America […]

How Free Personal Injury Consultations Work

May 24, 2016

Learn how to get the most out of your free initial consultation with a personal injury attorney The basics of how free personal injury consultations work are pretty simple: Call an attorney, Get a free consultation However, if you want really to make your free personal injury consultation work for you, you will need to […]

9 Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May 23, 2016

These 9 safety tips can help prevent motorcycle accidents and injuries Did you know that May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month? This event is designed to encourage all drivers and motorcyclists to share the road with each other. It seems motorcycle safety awareness have been paying off, judging by the latest available data. In 2014, […]

Legalized Marijuana Linked to Increased Risk of Fatal Car Accidents

May 22, 2016

AAA study shows fatal car accidents in Washington state doubled after marijuana was legalized Supporters of legalized marijuana often tout the fact that the drug is no more dangerous than alcohol. Of course, the trouble with this argument is that alcohol can actually be quite dangerous—especially when it comes to drunk driving accidents. So should […]

California Auto Insurance Fraud Ring Busted

May 21, 2016

Insurance fraud makes it more difficult for honest individuals to pursue their claims. Earlier this month, the California Department of Insurance announced the arrest of more than two dozen individuals who had been faking automobile accidents in order to scam at least four insurance providers out of tens of thousands of dollars each. According to […]

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