LA Home to One of the Deadliest Light Rail Lines in the US

April 9, 2015

Recent light rail train accident renews debate over train crossing safety. Near the end of March, yet another train accident occurred in the LA area. This time, the accident involved the Metro trains, a light rail system not to be confused with the Metrolink trains, which are larger, heavier commuter rail cars. The accident, which […]

How Criminal Charges Affect Car Crash Injury Cases

April 8, 2015

Criminal convictions can be used to prove liability in personal injury cases In personal injury cases—especially traffic accident cases—the defendant may be facing both criminal charges and a civil action. It is important to understand the differences between these two as well as how the criminal case may affect the civil case of an individual […]

Chiropractic Care and Your Personal Injury Case

April 7, 2015

Chiropractic care can and should be included in your medical expenses in a personal injury case. Considering individuals sometimes have trouble getting their insurance to cover chiropractic care, there arises a question in some people’s minds as to whether chiropractic care will be respected as a “real” medical expense in the course of a personal […]

Important Factors in Sports Brain Injury Cases

April 6, 2015

Learn about the factors that must be considered when building a personal injury case based on a sports brain injury. In the wake of many high-profile stories about professional athletes suffering brain injuries due to repeated concussions, many personal injury cases involving injury to students or amateur athletes are also cropping up. Unfortunately, the specific […]

Facebook Privacy Settings and Your Personal Injury Case

April 5, 2015

Growing body of case law suggests Facebook privacy settings do not create a right to privacy for your posts. If you have been hurt in a traffic accident or premises accident and are now seeking compensation for your injuries and losses, it is extremely important to understand the dangers of posting content related to your […]

Voice-Based Technology Can Pose a Distraction for Drivers

April 4, 2015

AAA-sponsored study suggests hands-free does not mean distraction-free. When most people think of distracted driving, tasks like texting, eating, or doing makeup come to mind. However, it is important to understand that there are actually three types of distractions that can strike while driving: manual, visual, and cognitive. In other words, distractions that take your […]

3 Reasons Not to Take Settlement Offers Lightly

April 3, 2015

Accepting or rejecting a settlement offer without expert advice could harm your position. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, this means another party must be liable for your injuries. Often, this party will issue a settlement offer in an attempt to resolve your personal injury case without the […]

Freeway Pedestrian Deaths

April 1, 2015

Recent death raises question of liability for freeway pedestrian deaths. Near the end of last month, 19-year-old spring breaker Eloi Vasquez was struck and killed on the 10 Freeway after telling a friend at a frat party he wanted to go for a walk. After calling another friend to say he was lost, the UC […]

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