Yes, You Need a Personal Injury Attorney Even if You Were Not atm Fault for the Car Accident

You were involved in an automobile accident, but you were not at blame. Do you still need an attorney? It can appear like an uncomplicated case where a vehicle accident lawyer or legal company would not be necessary. Nevertheless, a lawyer might still prove handy and beneficial for various reasons.

A vehicle accident or personal injury attorney can enable you to concentrate on your health, gather proof on your behalf, submit and negotiate a vehicle accident claim with an insurer, submit a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party, and increase your final settlement.

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A Car Accident Attorney Could Help You Recover from the Accident

Even though an attorney does not directly provide medical care, he or she can assist you in your effort to get better if you were hurt in a car accident. An auto accident attorney can step in and manage the legal side of your car accident from the minute he/she takes on your case.

This means you have extra time to attend medical appointments, take care of your health, and heal from your injuries. You can schedule doctor’s appointments and oversee your overall care with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer.

A Car Accident Attorney Can Compile Evidence for You

Helping clients compile accident evidence is a crucial responsibility of an injury attorney. An accomplished lawyer, for instance, can assist by taking pictures of an accident scene, obtaining witness statements, obtaining a police report (if one was made), hiring experts to review the facts of your case and/or the specifics of your serious injuries, and gathering and organizing your medical bills and records are all examples of accident reconstruction.

An Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help Deal with the Insurance Companies for You

Your attorney can handle any relevant insurance providers, including either your own insurance provider or the provider of the negligent driver. Once a claim has been made, a lawyer can assist in managing the procedure and working to negotiate a reasonable settlement with the insurance adjuster.

Keep in mind that when it comes to negotiating a settlement, adjusters frequently try to undervalue your damage claim and nickel and dime you. Attorneys know the true value of our claim and, as a result, are in a better position to secure a settlement that is in your best interest.

A personal injury attorney can also analyze your own auto insurance coverage to determine whether you have any duties to your insurer (like reporting your accident).

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help with Any Necessary Lawsuits

Your attorney may pursue a vehicle accident case or lawsuit against the at-fault driver if your insurance claim is not accepted. In a lawsuit, there are frequently certain deadlines that must be reached in order for your case to be successful. All of these deadlines can be reached with the assistance of legal counsel.

Legal representation also that your attorney might try to negotiate with the opposing counsel to reach a fair settlement. Your attorney can represent you in court and fight for fair compensation for your injuries if a settlement cannot be reached (including compensation for your pain and suffering and lost wages).

Also keep in mind that, according to a state’s statute of limitations, you typically have two or three years from the accident date to initiate a lawsuit related to an automobile accident. Your attorney will do their best to see that you fulfill this filing obligation. Contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 to get started.