A Wrongful Death Case Involving a False Identification is Terrifying People

A family in California went through an awful ordeal when they found that their 80-year-old mother, wife to their father, died of a heart attack. At least, that’s what they thought they were going through. The reality is that she died of something much more sinister and this family may indeed have a wrongful death case against the hospital where she died.

The hospital pronounced the woman dead – but she was far from dead

According to the lawsuit the family filed, the woman was declared dead by a doctor. It’s true that the woman went into cardiac arrest, but it turns out she was not dead. Despite the hospital handling the woman’s body, and despite their assessment of her condition, they never realized that she was not actually dead.

The lawsuit was initially being held up because the courts denied it on grounds that it had been longer than the statute of limitations on personal injury cases allowed. However, a new theory came out, which allowed the appeals court to allow the case to continue.

The woman actually froze to death in the morgue

A medical expert has opinioned that the woman actually died from hypothermia, not a heart attack. How? The expert believes that she was alive when she was taken to the morgue. She was put into a freezer where she ended up freezing to death. As of today, the case seems solid. The woman had bruises and broken bones, which were not present when she was pronounced dead. The examiner also found her face-down in the freezer, despite the fact that she’d been put in there face up. This gives the indication that she moved positions after being put in the freezer.

The victim’s family and the hospital are not in agreement

The family says that the doctor in particular and the hospital in general were responsible for their mother and wife’s death because they acted negligently. Not surprisingly, the hospital disagrees. They claim that they followed standard procedures. That said, they don’t have an explanation of how the woman could have otherwise suffered the injuries she did after she was pronounced dead. They also don’t have an explanation for why she was upside down in the freezer.

If the hospital was wrong then they should be held responsible

If the hospital did indeed put the woman into a freezer before she was actually dead, then they should be held responsible. At Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas, we can see that the family has a personal injury attorney who’s going the extra mile. They’ve already gotten the case admitted despite being past the statute of limitations. This is a good example that a strong case and the right attorney can do more than appears possible on paper.

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