Will the Stats Shock You? Pokémon Go May Have Caused Thousands of Accidents


Will the Stats Shock You? Pokémon Go May Have Caused Thousands of Accidents

Will the Stats Shock You? Pokémon Go May Have Caused Thousands of Accidents

It’s true that Pokémon Go isn’t as popular as it was in its prime but it still has millions of people playing in just California, and a lot more in the rest of the country. While that may be great for those who love the game, it can be a tragedy for people who are injured – or even die – as a result of players not paying attention to where they are or what’s going on around them. A new study by professors at Purdue University has brought forth some truly shocking statistics about Pokémon Go as it relates to distracted driving.

The study may not be in California but it gives us the info we need

This particular study was about car accidents in Indiana but the results can give us the info we need about California too. The study looked at the months after July 2016, which was when Pokémon Go was released. They found that there was an increase in car accidents of more than 25% in intersections that were 100 meters or less from a Pokestop.

Countrywide, the researchers found that there were more than 130 accidents, which included more than 30 injuries plus two deaths, that could be shown to be the direct result of Pokémon Go players. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as most similar accidents would have simply listed the cause of accident as “distracted driving.”

The stats are shocking

According to the authors of the study, about 145,000 crashes across the country were likely caused by Pokémon Go. They say that this includes 29,000 injuries and even five deaths – and this is just within the first five months that the game was out. It’s true that the developer made changes to the game that make it just about impossible to play in a fast-moving vehicle, but other games are surely coming that will cause similar problems.

There’s no question that smartphones are causing serious distractions to drivers

It doesn’t really matter if a person is playing Pokémon Go, another game, or simply texting while they’re driving. Engaging with just about type of technology is likely to increase a person’s likelihood of getting into an accident. Without two eyes and their full attention on the road, no matter how good a driver a person may be, it’s impossible to stay safe on the road.

Call today to find out if your car accident warrants a personal injury case

If you were injured as a result of someone else playing Pokémon Go, or if you were injured in a car accident during which the perpetrator was texting or otherwise distracted, then you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Not every accept is liable. It depends on a number of factors too long to list. If you’re curious about your options then you should call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707. We offer a free legal consultation that pertains specifically to your situation. Reach out today to get started.

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