Which of These Ideas to Reduce Driving Deaths in America Do You Think Go Too Far?


Which of These Ideas to Reduce Driving Deaths in America Do You Think Go Too Far?

Which of These Ideas to Reduce Driving Deaths in America Do You Think Go Too Far?

There is no way around it: More and more Americans are dying in fatal car accidents than in the past. While most people would agree that certain steps should be taken to help reduce the number of and seriousness of car accidents, it is also important to remember that these methods need to be balanced with our rights to freedom. Keep reading to find out some of the recently recommended options to help reduce these accidents. Which ones do you agree with and which do you think are going too far?

Mandating Ignition Interlocks for People Convicted of Drunk Driving

Alcohol is a factor in more than one-third of all fatal car accidents, which is why some people believe that anyone who is convicted of drunk driving should be required to have an ignition interlock device installed. As it stands, those who have been convicted of multiple DUIs generally do have to have these devices installed for a period of time, but some people believe everyone convicted should have one installed for the rest of their driving days.

Extending Cell Phone Laws to All Drivers

Currently, only teen drivers are subject to cell phone laws preventing even hands-free devices. Safety advocates want to add all drivers to this list because studies have shown that even hands-free devices take the driver’s attention from the road and they are not in fact safer than using a cell phone with their hands.

Reinstating Helmet Laws

Motorcycle accidents are much more likely to be deadly than car accidents due to the lack of protection a person has when riding a motorcycle. Some safety advocates want to pass and reinstate motorcycle helmet laws that require everyone to wear a helmet any time they are operating a motorcycle. As it stands, there is a state law that only covers riders under a certain age.

Installing Automatic Enforcement for Speeding

Often referred to simply as “speed cameras,” this enforcement technology allows law enforcement to issue speeding tickets even when there is no police officer within miles. They do this by having a modified radar at certain points, with cameras that can determine who was driving. Speeding is a factor in more than half of deadly accidents, but those who do not agree with the law point out that it is overly intrusive to fine people for crimes or infractions they have not been caught doing.

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