What Happens if I Get Injured at an Airbnb?


What Happens if I Get Injured at an Airbnb?

What Happens if I Get Injured at an Airbnb?

Airbnb rentals should provide you with a lovely, affordable place to stay in your dream destinations – but what happens when that dream turns into a nightmare? Keep reading to find out what happens – and who is responsible – if you are injured at an Airbnb. If you are in need of a free legal consultation with a premises liability attorney, contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707.

There Are Two Main Types of Airbnb Accidents

First, let us consider that there are two categories of Airbnb accidents. First is bodily injury, in which the victim suffers a physical injury. This injury could be mild, severe, or fatal. In most cases, a bodily injury claim at an Airbnb will be claimed by the guest against the host.

The other type of property damage. This involves property being destroyed, stolen, damaged, or lost. In most cases, this involves the host filing a claim against the guest, though there are circumstances in which this can be reversed.

Most Injuries Would Fall Under Premises Liability Law

There are of course many different injuries that can potentially occur on the property of an Airbnb. A person can suffer cuts, bruises, concussions, injuries to their face, broken bones, disease, and much more. These can be minor or serious and can lead to nothing more than a minor or inconvenience or can lead to death.

Injuries can happen for any number of reasons. The victim may have slipped and fallen, a roof or staircase may have collapsed, or the property may have bedbugs, bacteria, or another toxic substance. Airbnb rentals can also be the location of sexual assaults and other types of intentional violence.

Most of the above can be classified as premises liability cases, which is a subset of personal injury. It is based on the idea that a person or entity that owns a property has a responsibility to lawful guests to keep their property free from hazards that are likely to cause injury. An Airbnb is considered an invitee under these laws and has a high level of legal protection.

This does not mean that all injuries that occur on an Airbnb property are the responsibility and/or fault of the owner. It does mean that if the owner knows there is a hazard, creates a hazard, or should have known there was a hazard then they can be held liable if they do not repair it within a reasonable amount of time.

Call Us Today if You Have Been Injured in an Airbnb Property

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