What Are Punitive Damages? Get the Answer to This and Other Questions

What Are Punitive Damages? Get the Answer to This and Other Questions

Punitive damages may be available to you if the collision that led to your injuries was brought on by drunk driving. Drivers who act in an obnoxious manner will receive this kind of recompense as punishment. To learn more, read on. Then contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 if you have been injured in a car accident and require a free legal consultation.

How do punitive damages work?

Punitive damages are defined by law as losses that go beyond basic recompense. Let us say the negligent motorist was impaired or acting in a dangerous manner in some other way. In that situation, the court may penalize them by raising the sum of money they must pay you.

In essence, they must also pay any additional sum the judge considers suitable in addition to the damages they owe you for the accident. Punitive damages are additional compensation that are intended to penalize the at-fault party.

If the at-fault party demonstrated willful misconduct or severe carelessness, you may be granted punitive damages. Additionally, they can be used as a deterrent to dissuade the motorist from committing the same crime or other people from making the same error.

Punitive damages: when do they apply?

When the negligent party significantly harms you as a result of their acts, punitive damages are applicable. The at-fault driver’s acts went beyond simple carelessness, and a jury determined that monetary penalty was required.

Punitive damages may be appropriate in some circumstances, such as drunken driving collisions, occurrences of hit-and-runs, and trucking mishaps.

Punitive damages may also be used when the at-fault party disobeys the law, such as when they drive too fast or when impaired by drugs or alcohol. They may also apply these damages in cases of overtly risky behavior.

Talk with an attorney to learn more about what your case might be worth

If you believe you are owed compensation for damages you sustained in a car accident, we invite you to contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 for a free legal consultation. The truth is that these types of damages are rarely given but they can be in truly serious situations. We can go over your case, determine what damages you might be eligible to request compensation for, and help you get the outcome you deserve.

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