Two Examples of Long-Term Damage That Can Occur After a Dog Bite Should Have Healed


Two Examples of Long-Term Damage That Can Occur After a Dog Bite Should Have Healed

Two Examples of Long-Term Damage That Can Occur After a Dog Bite Should Have Healed

It is common for a person who suffers from a dog bite to assume that the biggest concern is the laceration they have experienced. While this is generally true, it is also true that long-term damage can occur if they are not careful.

This is just one of the many reasons that we strongly encourage everyone who has been injured in any type of accident to visit their physician. They may think that the injury is minor, only to have to get worse or have been worse from the beginning. For dog bite accidents, there are two main ways that victims can end up surprised by the level of their injuries.

  1. Dog Bites Can Cause Infections
  2. There is no way around it – a dog’s mouth is not generally a very clean place. In fact, it is most likely full of bacteria. When they bite, their teeth puncture the skin. Along with the blood and other damage this already does, the teeth can also push the bacteria inside the skin and even into the blood of the victim. This can result in a serious infection.

    Even if the dog is not responsible for the infection, an open wound that is not properly treated can always become infected. A person may have experienced what they thought was a minor bite, only to end up with a serious infection after they did not see a doctor to have it treated.

  3. Dog Bites Can Cause Nerve Damage
  4. It is common for a person who is being attacked by a dog to put their hands or arms in front of their face. They do this to protect the more vulnerable parts of their body, but the hand and arms can be vulnerable too. They have a large blood supply moving through them, as well as nerves. If the dog bites the victim in just the wrong way, they can damage nerves. This could lead to a permanent disability and, depending on the career of the person attacked, could prevent them from working in their chosen career field.

Do Not Accept a Dog Bite – You Are Not at Fault

There are only a few situations in which a person in California can be held responsible for being bitten by someone else’s dogs. For example, if you are trespassing on private property and are bitten by a dog, then you are likely going to be considered at fault. However, in most other cases it is up to the owner to prevent their dog from biting anyone.

If their dog does bite someone then the owner is responsible. You should not have to pay medical bills and other damages for something that was not your fault. Contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 now to request a free legal consultation and learn more about your options.

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