Trucks That Are Not Properly Loaded Can Cause Catastrophic Damage

When most people think of truck accidents, they may picture an out-of-control 18-wheeler causing havoc on the roadway. Perhaps they imagine a big truck colliding with another car while negotiating a tight curve. Big rigs and other large commercial vehicles are responsible for a lot of catastrophic and even deadly car accidents on American highways.

However, there is another method in which trucks may cause accidents that you may not be aware of. The trucking business in the United States is heavily regulated by both state and federal governments. Controlling what vehicles may carry, both the overall load size and the way in which they are carried, is one component of this regulation. Trucking firms might be held liable for any injuries that occur if they break these rules or are otherwise careless.

Cargo rules for trucks

There are additional rules that regulate how cargo on vehicles are secured. If a truck driver fails to secure a cargo correctly, the consequences might be devastating. Consider a huge rig transporting enormous metal pipes for use in a building project. These pipes may be piled and then strapped together. The pipes are at risk of falling free if one of the straps isn’t secured correctly or if the strap fails in any other way. They might then roll off the truck, smashing or otherwise causing significant damage to the automobiles in the area.

Trucks have weight limits for good reasons

Overloading a truck may be extremely dangerous, as exceeding its maximum weight limit might cause the vehicle’s brakes to fail or cause other issues. A knowledgeable truck accident lawyer can look into whether the truck was overweight, improperly loaded, or violated transportation standards. If any of these elements are present, a lawsuit against the truck driver, trucking business, or even the manufacturer of the load-securing system may be filed.

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