Top 4 Parking Lot Perils that can Lead to Personal Injury Claims


Top 4 Parking Lot Perils that can Lead to Personal Injury Claims

Learn about 4 hazards that can expose property owners to liability for accidental injuries.

Top 4 Parking Lot Perils that can Lead to Personal Injury Claims

Property owners are typically liable for any injuries that take place on their premises due to inadequate or negligent maintenance. Most property owners are therefore quite careful to keep their buildings in good condition. However, what they sometimes overlook is the condition of the grounds surrounding those buildings. Parking areas in particular tend to be ripe for premises accidents, especially if property owners are not careful to mitigate these top 4 parking lot perils.

Pavement Problems

When the pavement in a parking lot or the sidewalks surrounding it develops potholes or cracks, or becomes uneven due to ground movement, it is entirely possible for visitors to suffer a trip and fall accident. Such accidents have the potential to result in serious injuries such as head injuries or broken bones. If the pavement hazard was not so open and obvious that any reasonable person could have avoided it—or else highlighted with warning signs or paint—the trip and fall accident victim would have a strong case for a personal injury claim against the property owner.

Entry & Exit Issues

Another hazard related to parking lots concerns the flow of foot and vehicle traffic in and out of the lot. If the lot is not well-designed with adequate space, clear lines of sight, and obvious signage, it is possible for car accidents or pedestrian accidents to take place. Property owners may have a share of liability for these types of accidents if it can be shown that the poor design of the parking lot contributed to the accident.

Inadequate Lighting

Proper lighting is extremely important for preventing accidents in any part of a property—including parking areas. If lighting is poor or non-existent, hazards that would be open and obvious in the daytime can easily get overlooked and end up causing accidents. In the case of parking lots or parking garages located in areas known to be prone to crime, lighting is also important as a deterrent to attacks and robberies. If lighting or security is not adequate and a visitor to the property gets hurt in an attack, the property owner can be held liable for their injuries, including their emotional distress.

Weather-Related Hazards

Snow, ice, and even rain can create weather-related hazards in parking areas that may lead to slip and fall accidents. Property owners are responsible for taking reasonable steps to mitigate these hazards, such as arranging for frequent snow removal, using salt to melt icy patches, and making sure there is adequate traction on outdoor walkways so that they do not become overly slippery when wet.

Have You Been Injured in a Parking Area?

If you have suffered any kind of serious injury in a parking lot or parking garage, it is definitely worth looking into the possibility that the property owner may be liable for your injuries and suffering. To find out if you have a case for compensation following a parking area premises accident, please contact the Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 and request your free initial case evaluation.

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