These Are the Steps Involved in Settling a Personal Injury Case without Going to Trial

These Are the Steps Involved in Settling a Personal Injury Case without Going to Trial

After a car accident, most people do not want to end up in court. When someone is hurt, they typically wish to move on after receiving the recompense they are due for their losses. There is no way to know for sure whether an insurance company will agree to a settlement with you, but the better your personal injury attorney, the more probable it is that you can reach a settlement.

If you want to settle your case without going to trial but still receive a fair settlement, keep reading to learn about the essential measures you should take. Call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 for a free legal consultation if you have any inquiries or are prepared to let an attorney fight for your rights.

Speak with an attorney for personal injury

We advise you to speak with a personal injury attorney first and foremost. Tell us about your wounds, the full scope of the collision, and any supporting documentation you may have. Obtain copies of, among other things, medical bills, records, lost wage documentation, etc. To gain a better picture of the long-term cost of your injuries, we may also consult with additional specialists, including financial and medical professionals.

Make your demand

We will calculate the monetary damages you are entitled to once you have spoken with a personal injury attorney and reviewed your case. The responsible party and/or their attorney will thereafter get a demand letter from us. The legal justifications required to substantiate what we are requesting, such as medical bills and police reports, will also be included in this demand letter.

The defense attorney or insurance company has a set length of time to respond and pay the sum or make a counteroffer after receiving it. They tend to make counteroffers more frequently than they do the required payments. The negotiation will be handled by your attorney.

Taking the matter to court may be the last step

In a perfect world, we could bargain a reasonable settlement with the responsible party or their agents. We will not hesitate to take your matter to court, though, if they refuse to pay a fair amount. If there is a good case and we are convinced we will likely recover far more than they are ready to negotiate, we will only do this.

For a free legal consultation and to learn more about your choices and how Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas can assist you, call 909-982-0707 now.

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