These Are the Most Important Things to Know if You Are Involved in a California Motorcycle Accident

Driving in California is a pleasure. It is the perfect location for motorcycle riding because to its picturesque views, lovely scenery, and perfect weather. It is, nevertheless, a particularly hazardous location for motorcycle riders because of the deteriorating roads and high volume of traffic. As a result, someone may quickly transition from a leisurely motorcycle ride to a meeting with a personal injury attorney.

Here are some things you should know if involved in a motorcycle accident in California if you ride a motorbike or have been in one yourself.

Prejudice against motorcycle riders

The prejudice against motorcycles in California doesn’t only affect motorists. Unfortunately, insurance firms frequently have prejudices against motorcycle riders because they believe that they are careless and prone to accidents. This means that a motorcycle rider might be held accountable for an accident even if they were doing responsibly and within the law.

The majority of personal injury attorneys concur that prejudice towards motorcycle riders shows in three ways: via visibility, speed, and youth. Motorbikes are difficult to notice from a distance. Bicyclists in California have the option of splitting lanes, which frequently places them in the blind zones of drivers. Additionally, insurance companies frequently make the assumption that riders of motorcycles go at a high rate of speed, which is not necessarily the case. Finally, motorcycle riders are typically seen by insurance companies as being younger and more irresponsible.

What to do if you are in an accident

There are several things you should keep in mind if you are in a motorbike accident in California. Make sure everyone on the scene, including yourself, is safe first. To protect other drivers, make an effort to get your motorbike and yourself off the road.

Call 911 once you are in a secure location. According to California law, in the event of a significant accident, authorities must be reported, and in the event of a minor accident, the DMV must be alerted.

You should share information with the other motorist after notifying the appropriate authorities. Remember that more thorough information will streamline the claims procedure and significantly ease your personal injury attorney’s workload.

Speak with a personal injury attorney

Speaking of personal injury attorneys, after receiving medical attention and having some time to digest the issue, you should get in touch with and employ a lawyer that focuses on motorcycle accidents. You can contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 today to request a free legal consultation.