The Four Experts You Need on Your Side if You Suffer a Brain Injury Accident

There are several experts you will probably want on your side if you have sustained a brain injury and you intend to file a personal injury claim. After learning more about them, call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 to schedule a free first consultation with a qualified lawyer.

A doctor

To address the medical concerns you may encounter and to inform the courts about them, you must first consult a doctor. The severity of your injuries will be discussed, along with how it has affected your mental acuity, memory, and physical mobility. They can offer proof of your projected future employment, which aids in demonstrating your lost wages. The forms of therapy that could be necessary for the remainder of your life can finally be described by your doctor.

A mental health specialist

After sustaining a brain injury, it is typical for the victim to experience emotional and mental problems. After being hurt, it is not unusual for a person to essentially appear to be a completely new person. A mental health specialist is required to support your claims if the brain damage case contains a demand for compensation for mental illnesses including sleeplessness, anxiety, sadness, and loss of pleasure of life. They can give a testimony that will persuade the jury of your agony and sorrow.

An expert in economics

Many people are astonished that an economist would be needed in a case involving a brain damage, but their opinion is actually essential to demonstrating that the amount you are suing for is accurate. They can analyze your history to estimate the amount of lost wages you will probably experience in the future and to account for the upcoming changes.

For instance, if your disability necessitated hiring a nurse or physical therapist, the costs you suit for cannot be limited to what it would have cost to hire those people today since their rates are subject to inflation. Instead, by examining rises in inflation and other economic factors, an economist may forecast what a therapist would likely cost in the future.

A lawyer for brain injuries

Finally, you want a personal injury lawyer with knowledge in handling brain damage claims. To receive a fair compensation, you need a lawyer who has experience working with the aforementioned specialists, is knowledgeable about the relevant medical issues, and is willing to fight hard on your behalf. Call the Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas right away to schedule your free legal consultation at 909-982-0707.