The First Step Toward Reducing Your Chance of Unintentional Injury is Knowing the Top Causes


The First Step Toward Reducing Your Chance of Unintentional Injury is Knowing the Top Causes

The First Step Toward Reducing Your Chance of Unintentional Injury is Knowing the Top Causes

No one wants to be injured or lose their life due to a silly mistake that was entirely preventable. At Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas we work with clients all the time who were the victim of someone else acting recklessly or negligently. Be aware of these common causes of unintentional injury so you can avoid becoming a statistic. If you are injured in this type of accident, contact us at 909-982-0707 for a free legal consultation.

Distracted Walking

There is plenty of talk of distracted driving causing car accidents but fewer people consider how distracted walking can cause pedestrian accidents. The issue happens when a person is crossing a street and paying more attention to their phone than to their surroundings. The best idea is to never look at your cellphone unless you are stopped at a safe place.

Slips and Falls

Many people are shocked to learn that slipping and falling is actually a major cause of death in California and throughout the country. Of the people who fall and die unintentionally, most are elderly. Death only occurs on a small percentage of falls but broken bones and head injuries are not uncommon. According to the CDC, an average of about 2.5 million seniors are injured by falling on a yearly basis and about 20% of them will suffer a serious injury.


An average of ten people die daily from drowning – and two of them are children under the age of 14. That is according to the CDC, who also points out that even non-fatal drownings can require hospitalization and can cause brain damage and other long-term issues. Ensuring that children have formal swimming lessons and always supervising them near the water are the best ways a parent can help keep their child safe.

Fires and Burn Injuries

It is true that being killed or injured in a fire is much less likely than it was in the past. This is due primarily to the addition of fire detectors and laws that require fire escapes from every home. That said, there are more than 3,000 deaths by fire each year and nearly half-a-mile people are treated for burn injuries throughout the country.

The best way to prevent becoming the victim of a house fire is to check your smoke detectors regularly. Make sure that they are working and that your family has a plan to get out of the home in the event of a fire. It may seem like overkill but it could literally save your life if a fire breaks out.

If you have been injured in any of the above ways, or have suffered another unintentional injury, and someone else was at fault for the said injury, we recommend you talk to a personal injury attorney to find out what your legal rights are. You can do so by calling Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 for a free consultation.

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