Special Considerations for HAZMAT Truck Accidents


Special Considerations for HAZMAT Truck Accidents

Injuries from HAZMAT exposure add a new wrinkle to truck accident cases

Special Considerations for HAZMAT Truck AccidentsHave you ever spotted a tanker truck out on the road any wondered just what was inside? Well, according to the Department of Transportation, there are about 800,000 shipments of hazardous materials out of the roads on any given day. So it is highly likely that truck you passed on the highway this morning was actually a HAZMAT carrier.

Of course, a truck does not have to be a tanker to be a HAZMAT vehicle. Any truck hauling a shipment of a substance that is regulated by the government as a hazardous material is considered a HAZMAT truck and must be driven by a specially licensed driver and carry on board signage with a code for the nature of the hazard.

Common materials hauled by HAZMAT truckers include:

  • Crude oil
  • Gasoline
  • Compressed flammable gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, propane, etc.
  • Radioactive materials
  • Chemicals that can cause chemical burns or other injury
  • Hazardous waste products

While HAZMAT truck accidents are rare, they do take place. In fact, the Department of Transportation estimates that 200 of the roughly 5,000 fatal truck accidents that take place each year involve HAZMAT vehicles. However, it is unclear how often the nature of the cargo plays a role in these deaths.

In case you are ever involved in a HAZMAT truck accident, you may want to know a bit about the special considerations that come with this kind of truck accident injury claim.

Additional Injuries

With a cargo on board that could burst into flames or cause chemical burns, radiation poisoning, respiratory damage, or other types of injuries, obviously HAZMAT accidents can be very scary. If the truck is damaged enough for the cargo to escape, there is grave potential for even a minor HAZMAT truck accident to result in serious, even life-altering injuries that may be quite separate from the actual impact of the crash.

It is very important to work with a truck accident attorney who can help you understand the additional risks you may face from exposure to HAZMAT cargo and will make sure you get appropriate medical evaluation and help. You definitely do not want to accept any settlement until you are certain you understand the full impact of the accident, including any issues related to HAZMAT exposure.

Additional Defendants

When a HAZMAT trucker causes an accident, it may be necessary to target the truck driver, the trucking company, and the owner of the HAZMAT cargo in your personal injury claim. Targeting all possible defendants is essential because injuries related to HAZMAT cargo exposure can be very traumatic and quite expensive to treat. You are going to require ample compensation, and typically shippers of HAZMAT cargo have the best insurance coverage to help you.

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