Should You Handle Your Personal Injury Case on Your Own?


Should You Handle Your Personal Injury Case on Your Own?

Should You Handle Your Personal Injury Case on Your Own?

If you have been injured in an accident and know that you have a personal injury claim, you may wonder: Can I just handle this case on my own? The answer is that it depends. While in the vast majority of injury cases it is worth it to hire a personal injury attorney, there are some exceptions.

Keep reading for an honest assessment of when a person should hire an attorney and when they can handle it on their own. If you decide to hire an attorney, you can start with a free legal consultation by reaching out to Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 877-982-0707.

Unless Your Case is Very Minor You Should Hire an Attorney

The main exception to working with a personal injury attorney is an accident in which there is no injury or an extremely minor injury. For example, if were in a car accident that resulted in less than $500 in property damage and there were no injuries then you would not need to hire an attorney. Even then, we would recommend not immediately agreeing to a settlement. Some injuries, in particular head and neck injuries, may not be clear for days or even weeks after an accident.

The Smarter a Person is the More They Know They Should Hire an Attorney

With instant access to a huge wealth of information – including legal data – a person may believe that anyone who is reasonably intelligent and good at research could handle their case on their own. The fact of the matter is that a truly intelligent person knows when to go to an expert.

Even if they were capable of getting all the information they needed, they would spend hour after hour compiling data and case information – all while they are trying to heal from their injury. Could that time not be better spent? Even if the outcome was that they learned everything they need to know – which is very unlikely – it would likely not have been worth the many hours it took.

You Would Not Operate on Yourself – Would You?

Think of it like this: If you have a tumor that needs to be removed, would you study up on surgery and decide that you had the knowledge to handle it yourself? Or would you work with surgeon who had the necessary experience? The same is true of a personal injury case. No amount of knowledge can make up for the years of experience a good attorney will have.

Spend No Money Upfront and Get the Best Representation

One of the reasons that it does not make sense to skip out on working with an attorney is that we do not charge upfront. You only pay when we win your case. As a result, there is no risk and no cost unless we win your case. Call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 877-982-0707 now to get started with a free legal consultation.

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