Research Shows That People in Wheelchairs May Be More Susceptible to Fatal Car AccidentsOne death on California roads is one too many. Thousands of people die every year, whether as pedestrians or in vehicles. A recent study shows that people in wheelchairs are much more likely to be killed as pedestrians than other people are. Read on to learn more about this study and its results. Then call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 for a free consultation if you’ve lost a loved one to a fatal car accident.

The study found some startling statistics

According to the study completed by Georgetown University, a person in a wheelchair is more than 35% more likely to die in an accident compared to a pedestrian who isn’t restrained. The study used information they gathered from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and newspaper accounts of car accidents across the state.

In addition to the startling statistics on wheelchair users, the study also found that most of the time, an accident involving a wheelchair happens at an intersection. Further, the study found that men are five times as likely to be involved in a fatal car accident compared to women.

There were limits to the study and some questions are still up in the air

The researchers wanted it noted that this is an area that hasn’t been studied. As a result, they only had a small amount of data to go on regarding injuries sustained by people who use wheelchairs. They found no data at all in relations to deaths. As a result, their study is based on estimates from reliable sources.

Those involved in the study hope that city planners will look for solutions to ensure that crosswalks and sidewalks and street crossing are as safe as possible for people in wheelchairs. Additionally, they want city officials to raise awareness. They believe that everyone should know that a person in a wheelchair can be more vulnerable than another person simply because the way they move is different than the way others move.

More research is needed on this topic

At Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas, we hope there’s more research done on this topic. For example, why are people in wheelchairs so much more likely to die in an accident than another pedestrian? One theory is that it’s harder to see people who are at a lower height. Another theory is that drivers overestimate how quickly a person in a wheelchair can move and don’t slow down when they see someone crossing far down the road.

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