What Is PIP Insurance and Do You Need It?


What Is PIP Insurance and Do You Need It?

PIP insurance is not required but can make it easier to get medical care after a car accident

How Are Personal Injury Settlements Handled in a Divorce?These days, most people have multiple different insurance policies, including both car insurance and health insurance. Some people may even carry life insurance as well. At first glance, this might seem ample to provide for yourself and your family in the event that you or a loved one are seriously injured or killed in a car accident.

So you might be wondering…

…what other type of insurance could I possibly need?

Well, you may want to at least consider PIP insurance, aka Personal Injury Protection insurance. Even if you already have all the coverage you think you need for a serious car accident, there may be some gaps you are not aware of. PIP insurance can help fill these gaps and ensure you get paid fast in the event of an accident.

Advantages of PIP Insurance

More than Medical Expenses: Depending on the plan you purchase, PIP insurance will cover up to 80 percent of your medical bills, plus many other types of care like physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychiatric care that may be harder to get through your regular health insurance. Additionally, PIP covers non-medical expenses related to your injuries, such as lost income, which neither your regular med-pay car insurance nor your health insurance would pay. PIP can also provide a death benefit to help your family pay funeral expenses and other costs if you are in a fatal accident.

No-Fault Coverage: PIP insurance is a no-fault insurance coverage, meaning you can make a claim regardless of who caused the accident. This can be helpful in situations where liability for the accident is in dispute, as you can get help with your medical expenses right away.

You Can Still File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Remember, just because you are using your own health insurance or PIP insurance to help with your expenses following an accident does not mean that the person who caused the accident is off the hook. When individuals cause accidents through recklessness or negligence, they can always be targeted in a car accident injury lawsuit. If they have no insurance, it is possible to go after them personally for your expenses plus your pain and suffering.

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