New Research Could Change the Game for People with Spinal Cord Injuries


New Research Could Change the Game for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

New Research Could Change the Game for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

Suffering from an injury to the spinal cord is a life changing experience. The seriousness of the injury depends largely on where the injury occurs. In some cases, a full recovery is possible. In other cases, a person could be paralyzed for life. From simple to complex, researchers across the world have long been working on ways to improve the lives of those who’ve suffered from these injuries. Today there may be good news: Research indicates that change may be on the way.

Graphene is the material in question

Companies across the state of California have found that a substance called Graphene can be used in a number of ways. This material is extremely flexible and has been to improve numerous products including aircraft wings, batteries, and gas containers. Now, researchers at Rice University, claim that taking graphene nano ribbons and combining them with polymer – a substance that has long been in use – can lead to true breakthroughs in how spinal cord injuries are treated.

These options have been studied for more than a decade

The researchers mentioned above at Rice University have been looking at graphene for more than a decade. They have found that the substance does well in growing neurons – at least in a laboratory setting. They’ve also found that polyethylene glycol, which is a common polymer, has been successful in repairing some damage to spinal cords of animals.

The researchers at Rice University have used both of the above described substances together to create a new material that they’re calling Texas-PEG. They say that this material, which is really a hybrid, could essentially act as a scaffold. It could, in theory, help a spinal cord reconnect and eventually heal. If it does work, it could make a huge difference in future treatments for spinal cord injuries.

So far the results are very promising

A lot more research needs to be done, but so far the results of these tests run on rats with extreme spinal cord injurie have been very promising. With this Texas-PEG material, the rats began to have function restored in less than 24 hours. Two weeks after the injury, the rats had motor control skills that were nearly where they were at before the injury. That said, scientists say that at this point there’s no evidence it will work equally well on humans.

If you’ve suffered a spinal injury the you need a personal injury attorney

Have you or a loved one suffered from an injury to the spinal cord? These injuries often leave people unable to care for themselves or to work. In many cases, the injuries are the result of another person acting recklessly or negligently. If that’s the case, then litigation may be the best way forward. If you need medical treatment for the rest of your life then you deserve every option available to you.

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