Learn Three Elements You Must Deeply Understand Before Talking to an Insurance Rep After a Car Accident

The majority of consumers believe they must contact their insurance provider right away following an automobile accident. In actuality, this could give you the upper hand. You should talk with an experienced vehicle accident attorney who can explain these three points to you before you speak to any insurance agents in order to prevent saying anything false that might lower your amount of attainable compensation.

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The law regarding car accidents in California

In order to evaluate whether you are entitled to compensation for your injuries or if you may truly be responsible for others’ injuries as a result of a vehicle accident, it is obviously vital to grasp what the law says about responsibility. You run the danger of taking on more responsibility than you should if you do not comprehend the law. This can cause you to lie to the insurance provider, which would unfairly lower the amount of compensation you are eligible for.

Even if you are aware that your error led to the accident, you must still continue with caution. In California, two or more drivers (or other parties) may shoulder some of the blame for an accident. The allocation of blame in this situation is crucial because it will decide the proportion of your damages that will be covered by compensation.

For instance, if another motorist was determined to be 80% at fault for an accident and you were found to be 20% at fault, they would be required to cover 80% of your losses. Again, you would not want to say anything false that would tip the scales against you, therefore it is better to wait to remark on the accident until you have spoken with a lawyer.

Your rights

Even your own insurance company may try to coerce you into giving an on-camera statement if you call them following a vehicle accident. It is certainly likely that they will present this as a requirement. The truth is that you are not required to give a recorded statement right away and that you should never consent to do so without first speaking with a car accident lawyer.

Keep in mind that although simple notes cannot be used against you in court, documented remarks can. Therefore, you should utilize your right to legal assistance before giving a recorded statement with great caution.

The duty of the insurance company

Insurance providers have a number of duties to uphold toward the people covered by their policies as well as those who have been harmed by them. For instance, insurance firms are required to objectively investigate claims, immediately pay settlements, and promptly offer information regarding policy limitations. They also have to pay any and all compensation that victims may be entitled to, such as for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc. You run the danger of receiving less compensation than you are entitled to if you do not grasp how the insurance company’s duties relate to your case.

Having Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas on your side is the greatest way to ensure that you are aware of all you need to know to safeguard your rights and interests while dealing with insurance providers. Due to his extensive expertise handling vehicle accident cases, attorney Vargas can assist position you to maximize your compensation after suffering an injury. Call us now at 909-982-0707 for a free legal consultation.