Learn about some of the key qualifications you should look for in your truck accident attorney in Riverside CA

Key Qualifications for Your Truck Accident Attorney in Riverside CAIf you have been seriously injured in an accident caused by a commercial truck driver, you need to be particularly careful when selecting a truck accident attorney in Riverside CA to represent you. After all, commercial truck accident claims are often more complicated and more hotly contested than your average motor vehicle accident claim.

So what should you look for when choosing a truck accident attorney in Riverside CA?

Start with these key qualifications:

Specific Experience: It is important that your attorney have specific experience handling commercial truck accident cases. This ensures that your attorney will not overlook any potential liable parties (truck driver, trucking company, truck parts manufacturer, etc.) and will understand how to present a strong argument for you to receive ample compensation from these parties. Attorney Vargas is an excellent choice because he has been involved in this area of law since 1987, working first for the insurance companies and then for the injured victims.

Good Track Record: Obviously, you want to know that your truck accident attorney in Riverside CA has what it takes to win cases. And not only that—you want to know that the amounts that they win are satisfying to their clients. You can learn about an attorney’s track record by asking them about prior cases and by checking their reviews on sites like Attorney Vargas is recognized as an award-winning attorney on

Aggressive Approach: Trucking companies are responsible for their drivers’ actions, so they naturally get involved in truck accident cases. This means that their corporate lawyers may be brought into the matter to support their insurance company’s efforts to deny or reduce your claim. You must have an aggressive truck accident attorney in Riverside CA like Fernando D. Vargas who is not afraid to fight back.

Personalized Attention: Truck accident injury victims are often worried about finances and very concerned about how their claims are going to turn out. You want to be sure you have a caring attorney like Fernando D. Vargas who is going to be patient with you and provide all the personalized attention you need to feel comfortable with the progress of your case.

Reasonable Fees: Finally, be sure to ask how your truck accident attorney in Riverside CA handles fees. Fernando D. Vargas offers contingency fee representation, meaning he will cover all the costs of preparing your claim and only take a fee for his services if and when you win a settlement. His fees are reasonable and in line with industry standards.

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