Is Your Vehicle One of the Safer or More Dangerous Vehicle Styles on California Roads?

Today’s car purchasers frequently cite safety as their top priority when selecting a vehicle. Even while people are more prone to check for safety features, some cars are more likely than others to be involved in collisions, regardless of the safety features they may have. Continue reading to find out which vehicles we will be covering, and if you have been hurt in a car accident, call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 to for a free legal consultation.

Some passenger vehicle models are riskier than others

Let us start by keeping in mind that a vehicle is more likely to be in an accident the faster and smaller it is. For instance, 4.6 automobiles per billion vehicle miles are involved in fatal car accidents involving sports cars. This is the highest rate, mostly because these cars are designed to be driven at high speeds, and the higher the speed, the higher the risk of a fatal accident.

Four-door microcars and subcompacts have high accident rates as well, with 4.5 fatal crashes per billion miles of driving. How awful is this exactly? It is double the national average. The prices of those vehicles are greater since more young, unskilled divers are likely to operate them. On the other side, compared to the typical car, SUVs were 34% less likely to be involved in a fatal collision.

Some models and brands are riskier than others

In the United States, accidents involving five specific auto brands are most likely to occur. The brand with the most sales in the US and the one with the most fatal collisions is Ford, which comes in first place. On the list, Chevrolet came in last, followed by Toyota in third place, Honda in fourth, and Dodge in fifth. The Mitsubishi Mirage, Chevrolet Corvette, Honda Fit, and Chevrolet Spark are the individual vehicles that were the most risky, from most risky first.

Certain hues are riskier than others

Unbelievably, certain car colors can increase a car’s risk. One of the most popular car colors is black, however due to the color’s difficulty in nighttime visibility, it can also raise the risk of an accident. Additionally, gray automobiles account for 11% of all auto accidents, making them more likely to be involved. According to statistics, accidents are least likely to involve yellow cars.

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