If You Have Suffered as a Result of an Electrocution Accident, You Need an Attorney Who Will Not Make These Legal Mistakes

Many of the lawyers who accept lawsuits involving electrocution accidents are unqualified. They could know personal injury law broadly, but they are difficult matters that demand a nuanced understanding of the problems. The bad news is that there are five legal blunders that might result in a victim not collecting the compensation they deserve.

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Not taking into account all potential vulnerable parties

There are frequently multiple parties at fault in electrocution accidents. It is possible that a number of contractors employed by the power company either contributed to the hazard’s creation or had the authority to stop it. A competent personal injury lawyer will take into account all prospective responsibilities and possibly culpable parties.

Assuming that workers’ compensation is the best option

Although it is occasionally true, workers’ compensation is not always the ideal solution for an electrocution event. There could be errant outside contractors. Additional circumstances in the accident case may necessitate holding other persons liable.

Not finding the right witnesses

Ideally, every attorney would quickly identify all witnesses that could support their case. This is untrue, regrettably. In such situations, a lawyer would only consider people who come forward and claim to have seen something. It frequently happens that individuals who have the most to tell will not come forward on their own initiative. The lawyer will need to track them down and obtain their statement instead.

Choosing the incorrect expert witnesses

If you engage a lawyer from outside the area, you can bet they will not be familiar with the local experts who can provide the most useful testimony. This is crucial in California, because we have a distinctive environment that is unlike any other in the nation. An expert from a place like Iowa would not be familiar enough with our geography to comprehend how electrocution accidents can vary here.

Insufficient expert witnesses

Not all expert witnesses are created equal, and some lawyers also struggle to find enough witnesses. They might be able to locate one or two experts to speak in favor of specific issues, but they might not know where to look for specialists in electrical engineering, wood science, California’s deteriorating power grid, or the National Electric Safety Code.

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