Hopeful News About the Advancements in Treating Burns

If you’ve been involved in a burn accident then you likely know more than the average person. For example, you likely wouldn’t be surprised to learn that burns are the third most common cause of death in the U.S. Or that kids make up more than half of all the burn victims in the U.S. and that elderly residents can be especially vulnerable. However, at Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas we are excited to see that serious advancements are being made in how burn injuries are treated.

Understanding the main types of burns

There are three types of burns. A first degree burn is not as serious as the other two and involves just the surface of the skin being damaged. However, a second degree burn has gotten down to the second layer of skin. In some cases, doctors may refer to a second degree burn as a partial thickness burn.

If a person has suffered a second degree burn, then their skin eventually blisters and falls off. This is extremely painful because the nerves below the skin are then exposed. In some cases, a third degree burn involves the nerve endings being completely destroyed, but in all cases both layers of skin are destroyed in a third degree burn.

Current methods for treating burns

There is a long list of potential treatments for burns. For burns that aren’t particularly severe, a little burn ointment goes a long way. A burn that’s a little more serious may need bandages and antibiotics. If a burn is very serious, a pressure garment may be used to reduce scarring and skin grafts may eventually be necessary. In many cases, burn victims are treated at centers that specialize in treating burns.

Advances in treating burns

Doctors and researchers are always looking for improved options for treating victims of burns. Some of the recent advances have involved reducing pain and regenerating skin. There are also products being made that can help reduce or eliminate the pain a burn victim feels. Adult stem cell research also holds some very promising possibilities to learn more about treating burns.

The future looks promising

Though burn care in the United States is not as advanced as we’d like to see, consider this: In 1970 a person with burns over 50% of their body had only a 50% chance of living. Today, the vast majority of burn victims survive with burns over up to 75% of their body. If you’ve been burned in an accident of some type then you may need to work with a personal injury attorney. Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas offers a free case evaluation. Give us a call at 909-982-0707 and we will let you know what your options are.