Have You Suffered an Injury After a Car Accident with a Drowsy Driver? We Can Help

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a healthy adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep per night. However, according to CDC data, 35% of American adults receive less than 5 hours of sleep each night. This is a significant issue given how sleep loss might increase the likelihood of an automobile accident. Keep reading to learn how serious this issue is and contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 if you require a free legal consultation.

How lack of sleep affects driving performance

It is not necessary to really doze off while driving for sleep deprivation to result in an accident. Lack of sleep might affect your ability to drive in a number of ways:

Reaction times are longer: In the best situation, it takes around 1.5 seconds to respond to a possible hazard on the road. A car can move more than 100 feet during this period at motorway speeds. You will travel further and have a lower probability of avoiding the danger if you are drowsy and take longer to react.

Reaction times become less accurate: Being sleepy might make it more challenging to decide how to respond to a traffic hazard—should you swerve, apply the brakes, do both, or take another action? Accidents are readily caused by making the incorrect decision.

Long attention gaps: Being sleepy makes it simple for your focus to stray. You might even miss road hazards, as well as stop signs, traffic lights, speed limits, etc.

The greater your risk of an accident, the less sleep you get

The likelihood of being involved in a car accident rises, according to research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the less sleep you get. This holds true whether you sleep fewer than the recommended 7 hours each night or fewer hours than you are used to.

According to the study, the crash rate was 1.3 times higher for drivers who slept 1 to 2 hours less than usual, 3 times higher for those who slept 2 to 3 hours less than usual, 2.1 times higher for those who slept 3 to 4 hours less than usual, and 10.2 times higher for those who slept 4 or more hours less than usual.

Do you have an injury?

You should speak with a skilled car accident lawyer as soon as possible if you were hurt in an accident you think was brought on by a sleepy driver. Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas is a wise choice for legal counsel. Call 909-982-0707 right away to schedule a free introductory consultation.