Learn about the legal actions being taken against GM

GM Ignition SwitchGeneral Motors is currently enmeshed in a scandal involving a potentially deadly defect in many of their cars. This defect has already caused at least 32 serious car accidents and 12 deaths, plus numerous other minor incidents. The company has been the target of personal injury claims, lost value lawsuits, a government hearing, and, most recently, a criminal investigation into an alleged cover up of the problem.

What’s Wrong with GM Cars?

Certain GM cars have a problem with the ignition switch that enables the ignition to potentially be shut off while the car is in drive. Accident victims have reported that something as minor as hitting a bump in the road or the swinging motion of a heavy keychain can cause this to occur. Once the key turns to the “accessory” or “off” position, the car’s power steering and antilock brakes turn off. Worse still, the airbags also turn off, which is why accidents involving this defect are so dangerous.

What Injuries Can This Defect Cause?

GM allegedly knew about the ignition switch defect since 2001, yet did nothing to address it until this past February, when a recall was issued. There are still millions of vehicles with this problem on the road, and the potential for more accidents is very real. Because the airbags fail to deploy, back, head, and neck injuries are very common in these accidents. Traumatic brain injuries and wrongful deaths have also been reported.

What Are Your Options?

Although GM representatives claim that there is no danger so long as only the original ignition key is used, with no additional keys or key fobs on the ring with it, several GM owners have reported losing power when following this advice. So if you or a loved one own one of the GM models affected by this problem, your safest course of action is simply to stop driving the car until it can be repaired.

If you or a loved one has already been involved in an auto accident caused by a faulty ignition switch, you may be able to pursue legal action against GM. Some victims are pursuing their own claims, while others are banding together into class-action lawsuits. Due to the negligence and irresponsibility displayed by GM in choosing to continue to manufacture defective cars rather than spending an estimated 57 cents per vehicle to correct the problem, many injury and wrongful lawsuits include punitive damages as well as requests for compensation to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, etc. If you are interested in pursuing a claim on your own or learning more about current class action lawsuits against GM, contact the Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas today.