Is Getting Legal Advice Online a Good Idea?


Is Getting Legal Advice Online a Good Idea?

The web is a great place to start looking for legal help but it cannot replace personalized representation

Is Getting Legal Advice Online a Good Idea?These days, the internet is often the first place we check for help with any kind of personal or professional problem. But what if your problem is a legal one? Is looking for legal advice online a good idea?

Yes and no.

The internet is a great place to get background information about the laws that may pertain to your case and your next steps for resolving your issue. However, ultimately you will need personalized representation in order to secure the best possible outcome to a complex legal matter such as a personal injury claim.

One popular website for online legal information is Here is an overview of the resources available on and how to use them wisely when you have a legal question.

Avvo Q&A: If you have a general question, Avvo Q&A can be a good tool. You can submit a question and get answers from several attorneys. However, for really reliable advice about your specific case your attorney needs more personal information than you would want to share in this public forum.

Avvo Advisor: For about a year now, Avvo has been offering a fixed-fee service called Avvo Advisor. Users enter their zip code and the area of law they need help with, and an attorney will call them within 15 minutes for a chat. The service costs $39 for a 15 minute consultation. This service has very limited usefulness and is really only helpful for basic questions. More complicated issues like personal injury claims need a longer consultation and more detailed advice. This is exactly why personal injury law is not one of the areas of law covered by this service. Personal injury lawyers typically offer free initial consultations anyway, so there would be no reason for you to use this service for a personal injury question.

Avvo Legal Services: Avvo is experimenting with offering services like document reviews and uncontested divorce filings from local attorneys for a flat fee. This service is currently being tested in a few markets and Avvo reportedly has plans to expand it in the future. Could you use this service to request a personal injury settlement offer review? Possibly, if the service were expanded to this area of law someday. Should you? Probably not. With a flat fee service, the attorney has no incentive to devote all the time necessary for a detailed study of your case. With an attorney working on a contingency fee basis (as most personal injury attorneys do) your lawyer has a very real incentive to maximize your compensation and provide you with thoughtful and reliable advice about any settlement offer you might receive.

Avvo Lawyer Directory: The Avvo lawyer directory is an extremely helpful resource that you should definitely use when searching for an award-winning personal injury attorney. You will be able to check out real client reviews as well as endorsements from the attorney’s peers and information about the attorney’s qualifications.

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