Helpful information for valuing damages in a dog bite injury case.

Factors Affecting Dog Bite Compensation In the state of California, dog owners are always liable for unprovoked dog bites. It does not matter if they reasonably believed their pet was the friendliest pooch on the planet and never dreamed it would bite—you still deserve compensation for your injuries.

Now, the question becomes:

How much compensation you deserve?

This can be a difficult question to answer. For best results, you should not try to handle the matter just between yourself and the dog owner. Instead, involve a dog bite injury attorney such as Fernando D. Vargas.

Drawing on his extensive experience in dog bite cases, Attorney Vargas will help you arrive at a fair number for your damages and then seek appropriate compensation from the dog owner and/or their homeowners insurance. When quantifying your damages, some of the factors Attorney Vargas will consider include:

How Serious Was the Injury?

In any type of personal injury case, the first factor to consider is the severity of the injury and the cost of the necessary medical treatment. This forms a baseline for figuring the pain and suffering that may be appropriate in the case. In a case involving a small dog bite, treatment for the injury may be relatively simple and inexpensive. The medical bill alone may not effectively communicate your suffering, so it is helpful to have photographs showing the wound immediately after the bite and during the healing process.

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Very few humans contract rabies in the US, and most of them get the disease from wild animal. However, if for some reason the dog owner cannot provide proof that their dog has a current rabies vaccination, you will need to immediately begin treatment for this disease as a precaution. This treatment will require 4 shots and can cause unpleasant side effects, and you should seek compensation for the hardship of having to undergo this treatment.

Did You Have to Miss Work?

If your dog bite injury was severe, it may have prevented you from being able to work during the healing process. If so, compensation for lost wages (and potentially for lost earning power in the case of a permanently disabling injury) should be included in your claim.

Will There Be Scarring?

Dog bite injuries often result in scarring. Even a relatively shallow bite might scar if the edges of the wound were too torn or if the bite got infected, and even a small facial scar could be a serious concern for you. As your dog bite injury attorney, Fernando D. Vargas can connect you with skilled doctors for a plastic surgery medical-legal consultation. This will help you understand what scar reduction treatments may be needed and ensure that their cost is included in your dog bite injury claim.

Do You Have Emotional Distress?

In the case of a particularly vicious dog bite attack, you may suffer from significant emotional distress or even PTSD. It may be necessary to visit a mental health professional to have your mental anguish documented so that you can receive appropriate compensation.

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