Driving on Poorly Maintained Roads? Be on the Lookout for These Potentially Serious Issues


Driving on Poorly Maintained Roads? Be on the Lookout for These Potentially Serious Issues

Driving on Poorly Maintained Roads? Be on the Lookout for These Potentially Serious Issues

If you must drive on poorly maintained roads then there is likely not much you can do about it – or is there? At Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas, we have seen many car accidents caused by damage to cars that were the result of poorly maintained roads. Learn what to keep an eye out for, and if you are injured in an accident due to poorly maintained roads, contact a personal injury attorney to find out what your legal options are.

Winter is quickly approaching and for homeowners along Echo Hills Circle, this may mean another year of dealing with a broken road. Nine months ago, Dekalb County guaranteed a repaving project would happen in 2016, but with winter coming, it may be too late, according to NBC 11Alive. The continued neglect of this road may cause extensive damage to cars, which could result in unforeseen car accidents.

Poorly Maintained Roads Could Result in Flat Tires

If you end up on a road with potholes or ruts, they can damage your tires. This could lead to an eventual flat tire or, more dangerously, a blowout – either of which can cause an accident. If you do hit a pothole and experience a blowout, avoid the natural reaction of jerking the steering while and slamming on the brakes. This could lead to you being hit by the car behind you.

Instead, slow down and pull over on the right-hand side of the street. Be sure to turn on your blinkers so that everyone knows you are experiencing an emergency. If you are not able to change your own tire, or your car is not equipped with the necessary tools, get help from a local towing company.

Your Shock Absorbers Could Fail

Your car’s shock absorbers are made to reduce the bumps or jolts that would otherwise be felt as you drive down the street. That said, if they are worn and torn, which can happen if you are regularly driving on rough roads, then it could be unsafe to drive. According to AA, a vehicle that has old, non-working shock absorbers can cause a bouncing vehicle, which could hit another vehicle. Additionally, the tires of the vehicle may suspend, which could result in poor traction on the road.

Consider this: If your tire is not meeting the road, then you could lose as much as 100 feet in stopping power. If you are in a high-speed accident, this could be a deadly issue.

Your Wheels May Need to Be Aligned

If you hit a pothole hard, and you notice afterward that your car is pulling to one side or it seems as though your steering wheel is not quite centered, then it may be that the wheel alignment in your vehicle is off. This could lead to situations as serious as your vehicle drifting into the oncoming lane.

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