Do You Believe Any of These Common Myths About Motorcycle Helmets?

Whether you are a motorcycle owner, rider, or non-rider, you may believe one of these common myths about motorcycle helmets. Read on to learn the facts. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 for a free legal consultation.

Helmets Aren’t Needed because Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Are on the Decline

False. Consider that in 2018 alone there were nearly 5,000 involved in fatal motorcycle accidents throughout the country. That is more than double the number of fatal motorcycle accidents in 1997. These accidents are at the highest level they have ever been since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started collecting data in 1975.

Helmets Do Not Work

False. Helmets reduce both the likelihood that an accident will be fatal and the likelihood that a motorcycle accident will be serious. Depending on which study you look at, helmets can reduce the risk of death by anywhere from 37% to 42%. A person who is not wearing a helmet is three times as likely to suffer a serious brain injury than a person who is wearing a helmet.

Only Young Men Ride Motorcycles

Some people believe that the reason there is not 100% compliance with helmet laws is that most riders are young men and young men are notoriously risk-takers. This is false. In fact, by 2018 the median age for a motorcycle owner was 50 years old. Compare that to 1980 when the average age of a motorcycle owner was 27. In 1982 only 3% of motorcycle fatalities were people 50 years and older but by 2018 one-third were over 50.

Likewise, more women are riding than ever before. In 1990 only 6% of motorcycle owners were women while by 2018 nearly 20% of owners are women. That said, only 3% of fatal motorcycle accident victims are women.

All Helmets Are Created Equal

False. It is true that a helmet that is sold for head protection purposes must meet federal performance standards. However, other helmets can be sold as “novelty” helmets. Those wearing novelty helmets are twice as likely to die in a motorcycle crash than riders who wear full-face, certified helmets.

Even certified helmets are not all created equal. You can choose between half-coverage in which the upper half of the head is covered, open-face, and full-face. Studies suggest that half-coverage helmet wearers are twice as likely to suffer a brain injury if in an accident compared to those with open-face or full-face helmets.

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