Do not Make the Mistake of Apologizing After a California Car Accident

Do not Make the Mistake of Apologizing After a California Car Accident

It is common for people who are involved in a car accident to be confused, scared, and disoriented. This can be the case even in accidents that aren’t particularly serious. It is also common for people to apologize and admit fault if they feel that they’ve been the cause of the accident. This is a tic that can result from an upbringing of being kind to others.

While the feeling behind it is good, the bad news is that if you apologize for an accident that you were not responsible for you could end up financially responsible for it despite the facts. Keep reading to understand why and then reach out to Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 for a free legal consultation.

Be aware of someone who could overhear you

Remember that anyone who hears you say, “Sorry,” could lead to you being held responsible. There are many reasons people say “sorry” that aren’t involved in fault. For example, you may see that someone is hurt and say that you are sorry they are hurting. You may see someone who is upset and say sorry but mean that you are sorry it happened – not that you are sorry you did it. They could then inform the police that you admitted guilt – and you can count on the insurance company to try and use that against you.

Remember what the insurance company is really there for

It is understandable that many people believe that the insurance company is there to help but in fact the insurance company is a business and just like any other business, their job is to turn a profit. They do not turn a profit by simply paying out every claim they get. Instead, they look for ways they can lower the amount they have to pay out. If they can use an apology as an example that you made some type of mistake to cause the accident, then you can bet that they will.

If the evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were not at fault then it will not matter if you said sorry, but in the event that there is any question about the evidence, your apology could be a deciding factor and you could be assigned either partial or full blame. This prevents you from getting the full and fair compensation you deserve.

What to do instead of apologizing

You do not have to remain silent at the scene and only speak to the police. You can offer help to any injured motorists, you can perform CPR if someone is significantly injured, and you can offer other assistance. The key is to never say the word “sorry” or admit that anything was your fault.

Once you’ve talked to the police and any injuries have been looked at by a medical professional, then it is time for you to contact a personal injury attorney to find out what your options are. You can call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 today for a free legal consultation.

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