Do Bike Share Programs Help Reduce the Number of Bike Accidents?


Do Bike Share Programs Help Reduce the Number of Bike Accidents?

Do Bike Share Programs Help Reduce the Number of Bike Accidents?

Bike share programs are becoming popular throughout the country. They are a great option for people who cannot afford a high-quality bike to get affordable transport but some people worry that they increase the number of bike accidents. However, a study from the National Association of Transport Officials (NACTO) may point to the opposite: That these bike shares actually lower the number of bike accidents.

Keep reading to find out more about this study and what it may or may not tell us about the danger of bike sharing programs. Then contact Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 877-982-0707 if you need a free legal consultation after being involved in an accident.

The Study Found That Cycling is Getting Safer Everywhere

The study actually looked at the entire country and a variety of bike programs. It found that cycling accidents across the country are decreasing – especially in larger cities that have networks of bike lanes. As more and more cities – especially those in eco-friendly Southern California – are adding bike lanes and other bike-friendly elements to their city designs, bike accidents could go down even further.

Adding Safety Improvements Increases Bike Riding

In what is likely a surprise to no one, the number of people who ride bikes regularly goes up when a city commits to adding safety improvements. What may be surprising is just how much of a difference it makes: It has been shown to boost ridership between 21 and 171% depending on the specific improvements made.

A Large Number of People Who Use Bike Lanes Are Bike Share Riders

The study found that anywhere bike lanes were added, they were used. However, it also found that a surprisingly large number of riders who were in the bike lanes were bike share riders. While this is not direct proof that people who use bike shares are safer, it may suggest it.

Bike Share Programs Can Increase Public Awareness

One of the main ways that bike share programs can help reduce bike accidents is by raising awareness of people on bikes. As more people ride them, more people are aware of the complications and the dangers. For example, a person who has never ridden a bike on a city street may not realize how damaging dooring can be and many not take proper precautions to avoid doing this to a bike rider.

Will Pedestrian Accidents Drop Too?

One thing that the study does not address is whether or not pedestrian accidents will drop along with bike accidents as more people are paying attention to bicyclists. It stands to reason that a driver being aware of one person on the road would then become more aware of another.

The bottom line is that anything that decreases bike accidents is likely a good thing. However, until they are reduced to zero, Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas will be here to provide free legal consultations. Reach out now at 877-982-0707 if you have been injured in a bike accident.

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