Developing a Headache After a Car Accident Can Be an Important Sign of a Potentially Serious Injury

Developing a Headache After a Car Accident Can Be an Important Sign of a Potentially Serious Injury

Most individuals have had enough headaches to know that they are not always a cause for concern. What happens, though, if you have a headache after being in a vehicle accident? Does this imply that you sustained a traumatic brain damage as a result of the accident? It very certainly can; headaches are one of the most prevalent symptoms of a brain injury.

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Consult your physician

To begin, you should speak with a medical practitioner. Do not dismiss your headache as a little annoyance that will pass on its own; it might be an indication of something far more serious.

Even if it is simply a headache, keep in mind that some people develop a habit of getting headaches following an accident. If this happens to you, you should be paid for any losses incurred as a result of the headaches. This necessitates the keeping of a paper trail of your doctor’s treatment.

Follow your doctor’s advice

You should follow your doctor’s directions no matter what. If they tell you to phone them if you notice any new symptoms, do so. If they instruct you to stay away from TVs and computer displays, follow their advice. Ignoring their directions can result in more harm and have a substantial influence on your personal injury lawsuit because they might argue you were not as injured as you claimed or would not have been injured if you had followed the doctor’s advice.

Accident-related headaches are not just caused by brain injuries

Even if you did not suffer a brain injury in a vehicle accident, the accident might still be the source of your headaches. Whiplash, for example, can induce headaches, and it might take days for symptoms to appear following a vehicle accident.

Whiplash is an injury to the upper spine’s ligaments, nerves, muscles, or bones, rather than the head or brain. The neck might be strained if your head jerks back and forth swiftly at the moment of contact. Because the point of contact might be vague, you may not even recall this head motion.

For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer

If you have been injured as a consequence of someone else’s reckless or irresponsible behavior, call Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas at 909-982-0707 to learn more about your legal options. We will start with a no-obligation consultation.

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